About biodynamics

Biodynamics is a whole farm approach that seeks to manage the soils, crops, and animals on a farm in such a way that the enterprises on a farm strengthen and support each other.

Farming and growing

Biodynamics helps build the humus level of the soil on your farm using a whole farm approach as well as the biodynamic preparations.


Gardening responds very well to a biodynamic approach. You can use the sowing and planting calendar throughout the growing season.

Where to learn

The Biodynamic Association can help you find a training to learn about biodynamic farming and gardening. There are courses to suit your needs and pocket.

Where to buy

Certified biodynamic produce is recognised by the distinctive Demeter logo. Find out where you can buy some.

News and Features

Biodynamic Conference 2014

Book your ticket now for our special biodynamic conference in the autumn: 'Biodynamic Agri-Culture: A Matter of Life' - 30 October and 2 November 2014.

Natural Beekeeping Trust News & Events Autumn

If you would like to learn more about natural and sustainable methods of beekeeping then this will be of interest to you!

Our AGM Event 2014

Join us for an thought provoking day on Sat 4th Oct at the Steiner Academy Hereford with presentations on biodynamics and bees and networking opportunities.

Highlighted Events

Fri, Nov 14 2014 to Fri, May 16 2014
Animals as Agents of Culture Fri 14th - Sun 16th November 2014 Hawkwood College, Stroud

A Biodynamic challenge to a bewildered planet.Animals are often exploited mercilessly as production machines, eradicated as pests of used sentimentally as ersatz...