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Join the Biodynamic Association as a Member and you will be supporting the development of Biodynamics today and in the future.

Never has the biodynamic message been more important than it is today. Everyone is speaking about climate change, the threat to our planet and of the need for a change in lifestyle. The Biodynamic movement joins hands with a growing number of organisations concerned to halt this destruction and re-green the earth.  Building on a spiritual understanding of nature, biodynamic agriculture has the tools not only to rescue but also regenerate impoverished soils and depleted landscapes. Biodynamic farming is also about building communities and upholding human integrity. It produces the nourishing and vital food which is so essential for the future health of everyone.

The practice of biodynamic farming and gardening is a continuing journey of discovery. Surprises and new ideas mark the route as we learn from nature and develop spiritual understanding for our earth.

Every contribution made to the Biodynamic Association serves to support the development within the UK of this growing worldwide movement.

The average recommended contribution is £30 per year and we sincerely thank all those who regularly contribute above this amount.

The recommended contribution from those living overseas is: Europe £35, Rest of World £42. For students and those on a low budget, we request a minimum contribution of £20

The Association has always seen membership contributions as gifts towards future development rather than simply payments for member services. This is why all contributions are welcome at whatever level they are made. Although we do need monies to exist (and our survival is as much under threat as anyone else's), we are very keen to make sure that anyone interested in biodynamics is not prevented from becoming a member due to lack of money.

GIFT AID - Gift Aid allows us to reclaim 28p in every pound of your membership subscription and other donations. If you are a UK tax payer please sign and date the declaration at the bottom of the joining form and do notify us if your circumstances change.

There are 3 simple ways in which you can become a member of the Biodynamic Agricultural Association:

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