Biodynamic ambassadors

The Idea
It arose during the Agriculture Conference of February 2011:
Young people who have completed their biodynamic training want to experience the world before they make a long term commitment to a farm. Would it not be possible for those newly trained to go somewhere where the biodynamic work is just starting in for example South Africa, Morocco, southern India or Peru? For it is the farmers on these pioneering farms who most frequently ask for help with the practical implementation of biodynamics.

The biodynamic ambassadors
The ambassadors are people who both give and receive. They help to make biodynamics a reality in a particular place, and they get to know the project and the surrounding local culture. A practical form of cultural exchange which helps to weave a personal network between north and south, east and west.

How does it work?

I want to be an ambassador:

  • I send in my training documents as evidence to the project office
  • I select a suitable farm with the help of the office
  • I participate in the induction course
  • Then I start on the pioneer farm

I manage a pioneering biodynamic farm:

  • I apply to the project office for an ambassador
  • Following successful eligibility checks an ambassador placement is processed
  • I take up direct contact with a potential ambassador
  • The ambassador comes and works on our farm