The Biodynamic Farm

The practice of the biodynamic method as suggested by Rudolf Steiner, embraces the idea that the whole earth is a living organism and each farm is a unique individuality within it. The biodynamic farm is self-sustaining, depending largely for its manures and feedstuffs on its own resources and thereby benefiting and harmonising rather than exploiting it.

A biodynamic farm is a mixed farm, with an appropriate balance of animals and crops, a system of recycling and benign methods of pest and disease control. Implicit is the use of specific biodynamic preparations added in minute quantities to soil, compost and growing plants. This practice is applicable to private gardens, market gardens, nurseries, small holdings, as well as to large-scale farms.

Establishing and maintaining a balanced biodynamic farm or garden is a learning process. It takes into account the whole environment: the underlying rock strata, the soil, the atmosphere, the local flora and fauna and above all, the cosmic forces acting upon them. The work is supported by the accumulation of sixty years of research and experience.

Biodynamic farmers and growers use no chemicals or artificial fertilisers, but foster an environment that supports wildlife and creates an harmonious landscape.