biodynamic association certification scheme

The Biodynamic Association Certification Scheme offers both Demeter (biodynamic) as well as stand alone Organic Certification.

Demeter Certification is assessed according to the Demeter International Standards. We also offer a stand alone Organic Certification. Both schemes are fully compliant with the EU Regulation EU 834/2007. We are also fully approved by Defra as an organic certification body with certification coding: GB-ORG-06. All Demeter and Organic products and produce inspected and certified by the Biodynamic Association need to carry the EU logo. Details can be found here.

Details of procedures can be found in our Quality Manual.

NEW: As of January 2012, we now offer certification of Organic and Natural Cosmetics according to the NATRUE criteria.

demeter certification

For details of our Demeter Certification please click on the logo below

Organic Certification

For details of our Organic Certification please click on the logo below

natrue certification for skin care products

We are pleased to be able to offer certification of skincare products to the internationally renowned NATRUE criteria. We are currently the only UK certifier. Please get in touch us if you would like more details.