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After so many weeks of torrential rain and storm the emergence of the first bees from the hives could be experienced as a great wonderAnd fortunate are those with abundant crocus and snowdrops in their environs to share in the joy of the bees gathering the year’s first pollen and nectar to sustain the hives in their growing towards the time of dandelion and fruit blossom.  Until such time the colonies need our utmost attention, as the risk of starvation is high in the early months of the year, and offering food to the bees in good time can help ensure a smooth transition from winter’s end to spring proper for the colonies in our care.

The wisdom of leaving the bees’ honey stores intact in late summer and autumn will be appreciated now.

We are thankful for the manifold blessings that have come our way, with so many people appreciating and supporting our endeavours in word and deed.  We hope to meet many of you at our events and courses, and to working together wherever we are needed.
If you would like to share your ideas and inspiration, or arrange a beekeeping event or course in your own area, please contact us at And if you prefer speaking on the telephone, please take note of these numbers:
Gareth John: 07766-461440
Peter Brown: 07803-932283

Natural Beekeepers Map: Jonathan Powell of has set up a really useful map showing the location and contact details of natural beekeeping groups across the country.  Please contact him ( if you are part of such a group and would like to help others find you.

FFI on all events please see www.  Beekeepers Association

APRIL 2014
Talk:  The Challenge of Natural Beekeeping
Saturday, 5th April 2014 - 3:30pm
BBKA Spring Convention, Newport, Shropshire

Course:  Biodynamic Beekeeping and Honeybee Guardianship using the Sun Hive and wooden hives
 Saturday, 12th April 2014 -  Sunday 13th April  Bee Classroom, Ashurst Wood, West Sussex

Event: An Introduction to Tree Beekeeping
Saturday 19th April 
The Old Redhouse Farm, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, nr Radstock, Somerset BA34QE
Jonathan Powell, who runs a natural beekeeping group in Frome, and works closely with the NBKT, will share some of his expertise acquired at a tree beekeeping course with Polish experts in this craft. Please call Brock on 07878510669.

Course:  Introduction to Natural Beekeeping - A Year in the Life of a Honeybee Colony
Sunday, 27th April 2014
Art in the Park, Burgess Park, London
Please contact  Sue Amos at

Course: Biodynamic Beekeeping and Honeybee Guardianship using the Sun Hive and wooden hives
Saturday, 3rd May  to Sunday 4th May
Bee Classroom, Ashurst Wood, West Sussex

Hivemaking :  Sun Hive Workshop
Friday, 16th May 2014 - 5:30pm to Sunday 18th May 5.00 p.m
The Bee Classroom,, Ashurst Wood, West Sussex

Event:  Floral Fringe Fair 2014
Saturday, 31st May to Sunday 1st June 2014  Knepp Castle, West Grinstead, West Sussex

JULY 2014
Talk:  The Honeybee Colony - A Marvel of Nature
Wednesday, 9th July 2014 - 6:30pm
Weald & Downland Open Air Museum,, Chichester, West Sussex

This summer, the Natural Beekeeping Trust is delighted to be demonstrating the beautiful Sun Hive at Art in Action, Oxfordshire's premier arts event.

Thursday, 17 July 2014 - 10:00am to Sunday, 20 July 2014 - 5:30pm

Inspired by the simple principle that people are fascinated when artists and craftsmen openly demonstrate their skills and discuss their work, Art in Action was born in 1977. Approximately 25,000 visitors come over four days to learn, buy and enjoy the exhibitions, classes and performances of 400 demonstrating artists, teachers, musicians and performers.Disciplines include painting, sculpture, glass, woodwork, textiles, ceramics, metalwork and jewellery.