Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between farmers and consumers where the responsibilities and rewards of farming are shared.” (Soil Association Feasibility Study)

In its purest form CSA seeks to reconnect a circle of interested human beings (occupied elsewhere) to a piece of land capable of meeting their requirements for indigenous produce.

This circle commits itself collectively to meet the costs of an annually agreed budget including fair salaries for its farmers. They are then freed to:-

  • Develop the farm to its full potential as a healthy and self-sustaining organism.

  • Safeguard its ecological and cultural heritage.

  • Provide a plentiful and diverse supply of produce.

Along with sharing the harvest, supporting member stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the creation of an active and involved community committed to local and sustainable living.

The biodynamic farm organism and community supported agriculture are a natural compliment and mutual enhancement of one another.