Varroa control with essential oils

Using Essential Oils for Honey Bee Mite Control

Jim Amrine, Bob Noel, Harry Mallow, Terry Stasny, Robert Skidmore
Report on Research carried out in 1995 Division of Plant and Soil Sciences, Virginia State University Morgantown WV 26505-6108 USA

Syrups containing essential oils were fed to bees in order to assess whether these could help control varroa mite infestation. Syrups were made with spearmint oil and applied on tracking strips inside the front entrance of the colony.

Results showed a marked reduction in varroa mite populations after three weeks of treatment. The essential oils appeared to be inhibiting the sensory and reproductive functions of the mites. Essential oils from the mint family are harmless to bees and honey appears to be more effective as a medium of application than sugar syrup.

Report written in English 1996 (BDAA library)