Klosterstudie - Food Quality Research : How does food quality affect body, soul and spirit?

Published by the Forschungsring für Biologisch-Dynamische Wirtschaftsweise,   Darmstadt , Germany  2004

This piece of research took place in a Nunnery in the Black Forest, Germany. The nuns agreed to participate in a comprehensive investigation into the effects of eating mainly biodynamic food as compared with what they were used to. Over a period of ten weeks their diet was changed from mainly processed conventional food, to a diet of fresh  foods and then to a fully Demeter sourced diet and then back to conventional. A whole range of tests were then undertaken including physiological tests to assess physical health and well being as well as a questionnaire based assessment of their inner state and spiritual well being.  

Results showed very clear benefits of moving to a predominantly biodynamic diet. General health levels were improved, fitness increased, calorie intake, blood pressure and stress levels all declined. On a soul level too they felt better in themselves and more able to think clearly.

Report translated into English  (BDAA library or click here)