Biodynamic seeds


Arising from a Biodynamic Association project, the Seed Co-operative has three main aims:

  • breeding new varieties of open pollinated seed for biodynamic and organic farming
  • producing biodynamic and organic seed, and developing a national network of seed growers
  • sharing the knowledge and skills need for seed saving


To buy seeds online please follow the links from

If you cannot find the varieties that you are looking for at the Seed Co-operative we recommend looking at the official UK database of organic seed availability.

A need for the right seed!

Food and seed production have been separated for the first time in mankind’s agricultural history as a direct result of farming becoming an industry over the last 60 years. As a result, millennia’s old cultural practice of maintaining and developing local food crops and cultivating regional biodiversity has virtually ceased.

Much of the vegetable seed used in Britain is imported and most of the varieties available are not bred specifically for organic low input UK growing conditions.

High yielding and uniform crop varieties, mainly F1 hybrids, have been developed especially for high input industrialised agriculture. In contrast, low input sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming has been left at some disadvantage with no significant work on vegetable plant breeding being undertaken in the UK to date. The seeds best suited for sustainable seed and plant breeding are open pollinated varieties because of their characteristic of breeding true to type and being reproducible by farmers and gardeners.

Many derogations are granted to organic and biodynamic growers because suitable varieties of organic open pollinated vegetable seed are not available. The cultivation and development of improved open pollinated seed is therefore essential.

To find out more please visit the Seed Co-operative website


Seed Growers Network.  In 2016 the Seed Co-operative is recruiting small-scale growers for its national network of open pollinated seed growers.  Please see the Seed Co-operative website for details


To help the Seed Co-operative and get involved membership provides the following benefits: 

  • You can actively help, and build up our society, cast votes at AGM’s and receive an annual report.
  • Become part of a network of seed producers and take part in trials or breeding programs.
  • Have first-hand access to information on our breeding programs and growing trials, and have access to seed from newly developed varieties to try out at your own farm or garden.

Please support us: become a member by purchasing 100 £1 withdrawable* shares.  A maximum 100,000 shares can be bought by a single member, but voting entitlement is strictly one member, one vote.

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*The ability to withdraw share capital (return your shares and withdraw the value) is suspended until September 2020 whilst we establish our new venture.