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Biodynamic Apprenticeship Learning
There is no better way of learning about biodynamic farming and gardening than out on a farm or in the garden alongside an experienced biodynamic practitioner.

For the last twenty years, the Biodynamic Agricultural Association has offered a practical two year apprentice training in biodynamic agriculture and horticulture. This takes place on well established biodynamic holdings around the country and is open to everyone aged 21 and over. (In exceptional circumstances younger candidates will also be considered) Apprentices usually live and work on the farm in exchange for board, lodging and training. Their practical tuition is supported by weekly tutorials and a programme of seminars and block courses. Apprentices undertake a project on a subject of their choice during their second year.

The objective of the course is to gain basic agricultural / horticultural skills, understand the principles and practice of biodynamic techniques and create a foundation for developing an independent understanding of the earth, life and human beings from a spiritual perspective.

A new milestone has now been reached in that from autumn 2010 students can work towards gaining a level 3 internationally recognised Diploma in Biodynamic Agriculture. The diploma is awarded by the Crossfields Institute and certified by Edexcel. 

The Biodynamc Association is a member of the Crossfields Institute which provides an umbrella structure for learning organisations, educators and researchers working within further and higher education. Its particular focus is with those organisations seeking to develop a transparent, spiritual approach to learning and education.

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Distance Learning Programme

Biodynamic: Principles and Practice
The College Comes to You!

Our distance learning programme is for people who have a real interest in developing their knowledge and understanding of biodynamics in its anthroposophical context. Whether you are a farmer, grower or back yard gardener, if you want to learn about Biodynamics this course is for you!

The course consists of 10 modules which can be taken all at once or one-by-one. Each module costs £365. Every three months a module will be available on line– every module consists of a module reader, live online seminars, recorded short films and online tutorials with one of our teachers.

Students from all over the world can interact with each other through the online forum, forging a new network of biodynamic practitioners.

The Distance Learning course is aimed at people who are working in a land-based profession: farmers, growers, vineyard managers, smallholders, organic and biodynamic accreditation inspectors, as well as home and amateur gardeners.

Biodynamic Agricultural College

The full time and short courses in Biodynamic Agriculture and Horticulture are now part of  Emerson College. For more information please click here

Emerson College is offering a one or two year full time course in 

Sustainable Agriculture:

Biodynamic and Organic Practice and Management

to begin in September 2014.

Working with a ‘from soil to table’ approach, this full time programme combines practical working on the land together with classroom study. It is an integrative and holistic learning opportunity that uniquely offers theory, practice, projects, action research and independent study within two learning options relevant to your experience. 

The Level 5 Diploma is a two-year study. The qualification would enable professional practice within the sector of sustainable agriculture or horticulture and manage a small or large holding based on organic, biodynamic or other sustainable practices. 

If only attending the first year, you would be eligible for a certificate of completion at level 4. This year would provide entry into the second year of the Biodynamic Association Diploma in Biodynamic Agriculture (the Apprenticeship- learning scheme). The level 4 certificate (exit award) would enable you to assist in farm management and take responsibility for an aspect of a farm or garden leading on projects and developments but would not qualify you as a Farm Manager.  

Year 1:

Biodynamic approaches to farming, growing and the farm as an organism


Nutrition and cooking

Goethean Science and consciousness studies part 1

Social entrepreneurship and leadership

Community building and development

Integrative research methods

Theory and practice in biodynamic approaches

Theory and practice in organic approaches 

Holistic principles for environmental sustainability 

Year 2:

Business studies, economics

Demeter certification and standards

Farm management

Goethean Science and consciousness studies part 2

Leadership and management

Regulations and compliance

Project work, placement

The Diploma is equivalent to the first two years of a Bachelors programme and offers potential progression routes for graduates into higher education at BA/BSc level or other further vocational level 6 qualifications in related subjects. 

The type of qualification will be an accredited Diploma at level 5. The certifying body is Crossfields Institute.

Certain elements of this professional qualification will be open to the general public as stand-alone certified short courses.