Biodynamics is the world's oldest system of organic growing. An inspirational global movement that promotes a uniquely holistic approach to organic agriculture, gardening, food and health. The term 'organic farming' was first invented to describe biodynamic methods.
Scientists are discovering that biodynamics is the most effective organic system for carbon storage to tackle climate change (see here) and the best for soil restoration to heal our planet (see here).
Our roots are ecological, ethical, social and spiritual. Our aim is to regenerate the health and vitality of our soils; restore the integrity of our food; and promote the health and wholeness of our communities. For us agriculture is a sacred endeavour, and the foundation for all our well-being. Join us today (click here).
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On the one hand Bavarian farmers personal experiences with their livestock leads to a booming uptake of homoeopathy. Nobody claims 100% efficacy for any medical intervention but this is having enormous benefits for many animals. When dairy farming I experienced huge benefits.

It’s amazing how different things look when you really stop & take notice. How much notice do we take though of the link between our food and our health?
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Over 300 already signed up for our next meadows webinar! Join us and @Love_plants at 5.30pm on Wednesday 12th for a session on Meadow Restoration Techniques. https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_w0VlBSevQDK8oBfvMzW8Gw @Mattpitts1974 @Phoebe_B_Miles @phoeb0 @romshedfarm @essebeare

India Balmaadi Biodynamic natural coffee-250g. Organic, Biodynamic and Demeter certified.
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Our UK Family of Organisations

Biodynamic Association (BDA) - fosters and promotes biodynamic farming and gardening.

Biodynamic Certification (BDA Cert) - the biodynamic certification department of the BDA.

Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT) - acquires biodynamic land for communities and young farmers & growers.

Biodynamic Agricultural College (BDA college) - our educational college.

Seed Co-operative - breeds and protects open pollinated organic and biodynamic seeds.

Demeter Global Certification

Demeter is the international logo of certified biodynamic food that you will see on packaging in shops and supermarkets, in farm shops, and at farmers' markets selling biodynamic food. It is the world's oldest certification mark, and is your guarantee of high quality food, wine and products farmed and produced to the highest standards. Click on the Demeter logo above to find out more.