Sunday 1st July 11 am - 4pm Weleda "The Field", Derbyshire | Biodynamic Association

Sunday 1st July 11 am – 4pm Weleda “The Field”, Derbyshire

Saturday 30th June 10am – 5.30pm Argent College Roof Top Garden, Birmingham
12th June 2018
Sunday 29th July -12pm – 4pm Archenland Gardens, Hereford
12th June 2018

Come and dscover what makes Weleda  so special

We are giving you a rare opportunity to visit the biodynamic private gardens and wildflower meadow to get an insight into the plants that are at the heart of our products.
~ biodynamic compost making
~ biodynamic garden talks
~ food and drink stalls
~ flower crown making

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About Weleda Gardens:  Medicinal plant gardens have been an essential part of the business culture at Weleda since its foundation in 1921. Besides the growing of medicinal plants for our medicines and body care products, the gardens are a great way to get people in touch with our core philosophy – ‘in harmony with man and nature’.

Since our earliest days, cultivation of medicinal plants has been one of the ways we stay provided with the fresh and dried plants which are the basic ingredients of our pharmaceuticals and body care products. Through biodynamic farming and cultivation, we make sure that no pesticides or other toxic substances come into contact with our precious ingredients. But it’s not just what we leave out of our gardens, it’s also what we put in. Compost management helps develop active soil life and special preparations with cow manure and ground-nourishing herbs like dandelion and valerian support the ground as it becomes more fertile.

Weleda’s gardens are maintained as rich natural habitat, with hedges and nature-friendly niches that make a home for insect helpers. By welcoming these creatures to our gardens, we help maintain self-regulation to avoid the spread of pests and diseases. Of course plant diversity also contributes to ecological stability and pollen and nectar for beneficial insects is always available.
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