Sunday 29th July -12pm - 4pm Archenland Gardens, Hereford | Biodynamic Association

Sunday 29th July -12pm – 4pm Archenland Gardens, Hereford

Sunday 1st July 11 am – 4pm Weleda “The Field”, Derbyshire
12th June 2018
Thursday 6th September 2018 9.30 – 4.30pm Waltham Place, Berkshire
12th June 2018

Come and spend some quality time exploring this magical biodynamic garden, meet the gardeners who created it, plus chance to buy a copy of ” Gardening with the Moon & Stars” written Elen Sentier
This great book  brings biodynamics to the ordinary gardener. Elen Sentier is passionate about biodynamics. She feels it’s vital to make organics and biodynamics available to as many people as possible if we are to help our earth cope with the increasing demands we humans place upon her. Biodynamics is easy, simple, cheap and super-effective; it’s seriously good horticulture too, and it works in whatever size of garden you have, from a window box to several acres. This book is written in plain down-to-earth language with lots of tips and hints to help you learn how easy it is to use the preparations and work with the star calendar.
Contact: Elen Sentier and 

Entry Fee £3 ( Children free)

Directions – we can be hard to find! 
Archenland Garden postcode is HR2 9QT
It’s off the B4352 between Clehonger and Madley
Turn at brown GARDEN sign 1/2 a mile after the signpost to Eaton Bishop & 1/2 a mile before the Comet Inn
Follow the balloons for 1/4 mile ALL the way down the track
Park by  PARK HERE sign

Click here for detailed directions and map / contact tel nos

NB: This is a large garden with ponds etc. Not suitable for dogs. Well behaved supervised children welcome: Parents please note that some of the medicinal herbs grown are poisonous if ingested plus be aware that there are potential water hazards. We are not able to offer refreshments so do bring water/flasks if wanted. Public toilet facilities are also not available.

About Archenland:
The garden centres around a large wildlife pond with a flowform, only newts, frogs, little wild fish like sticklebacks, and all the pond insects live there including diving beetles as well as dragonflies and damselflies. the pond is surrounded on two sides by flowering shrubs, wild comfrey, montbretia, and day-lilies; it contains kingcups, water mint, flowering rush, and water lilies. There’s a mown grassy sitting area on the north side surrounded by wildflower meadows to the north and west of that.

The west side of the garden is another wildflower meadow and shrubbery, with the compost area in the NW corner. The east side holds the Bright Glade and the Dark Glade. The glades are held within the big, wild hawthorn hedges which also boast oak, ash, hazel, bird cherry, Japanese flowering cherry, acer, scarlet-flowered hawthorn, walnut, willow and birch trees along with a deep yew hedge (loved by the birds in winter). The Bright Glade is open with paths and wildflowers as well as grass and a lovely Romany-made bench.

You enter the Dark Glade through Pan’s Moongate. It’s shadowed by the hawthorn hedge in summer and holds the wyrd-stuff 🐉 like the woodwose figure, standing stone, several odd tree-stumps, some dragons and the piggy-wig from The Owl and the Pussycat poem 😊. the understory of the hedge also holds roses as well as golden privet and variegated holly to give glimpses of brightness. Between the two is a wee belvedere. You enter the path up to it through an arch covered with rambling wild rose and honeysuckle and can sit up there looking out over the garden.

The north side of the garden is contained by a high wall and so gets nice and hot. The raspberries and strawberries live there and provide me with lots of soft fruit. There’s a small grassy area with the main eating apple tree and a good Stella cherry too. And, of course, lots of mediterranean herbs who love the heat. Paths wind among the different “rooms” of the garden, you never see all of it at once. Birds, butterflies, bees and insects love it, walking past many of the bushes your ear is delighted with choirs of bees.

Of course, it’s a continuous work-in-progress, never finished, always growing and evolving. Visitors won’t find neatness and tidiness either, I don’t do that , everywhere is organised and arranged as the plants want it to be, along with all the resident and migratory wildlife – not the humans😊.

On the day  – Paul will be there to chat to visitors and will have an info stand chock full of great stuff  –  biodynamic books to browse, leaflets, plus :  Tthe BD compost preps, Mausdorf compost starter, Remin basalt rockdust, Carbon Gold Biochar, Vitax Calcified seaweed, Chase Organics SM3 seaweed extract, Chase Worm-juice, Fertile Fibre Nugrow fish emulsion and Revive Soil stimulator (all things that the soil beings like).

Also on display will be a working BD wormery, a BD Hot Composting bin, a BD Compost tea maker, a Bosch composting grade shredder-chipper, and some Birchmeier BD prep sprayers (nothing but the best for our elemental beings!!!).   He loves to answer questions especially about composting and biodynamic composting in particular.