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Bees, R Steiner

Bees, R Steiner


A series of nine fascinating lectures about bees and their spiritual mission. Very readable lectures which were originally given to workers building the Goetheanum in Switzerland.

The Genius of Bees and the Elemental Beings: How the spiritual world works through bees for nature and humanity, Ralf Roessner


In this unique and original work, the author, ‘… attempts to describe the secrets of creation as far as he has experienced these himself’. As he goes on to clarify: ‘Many matters, which could only be vaguely perceived in former times, can now be investigated in a spiritual-scientific manner. A secret is only a secret to the extent it escapes the individual human being’s powers of consciousness’. Anyone seeking deeper insights into the world of the honey bee will be enriched by the content of this book.

RALF ROESSNER is a passionate bee keeper and a biodynamic farmer, cultivating and processing the ‘light root’ (Dioscorea batatas), which his company IMTON GmbH develops and markets. He is the author of The Light Root (Temple Lodge 2014). In addition, Ralph has been working in the field of water research for 20 years. As an ex-Waldorf school teacher he is interested in all new developments in education, and as a father of two grown up children he aims to be in touch with the pulse of the times. All the above informs his quest for healthy nutrition for the future through meditative as well as experimental research into subtle matter.

The Secrets of Bees: An Insider’s Guide to the Life of Honeybees, Michael Weiler, translated by David Heaf

  • A new edition of a classic book on the life of bees by Michael Weiler  –
  • Written by an expert beekeeper with over 25 years experience
  • Journey inside the beehive to discover how many bee hours it takes to make a jar of honey and what the honeybees’ dance really means
  • Poetic observations meet scientific detail to uncover the secret world of bees
  • Features a new introduction by Horst Kornberger, author of Global Hive

A fascinating look at the secret life of bees, from buzzing around the garden to the sticky knife in the honey jar.

Biodynamic Beekeeping – A sustainable way to keep happy healthy bees, Matthias Thun

  • The first book to offer practical instructions on caring for bees using biodynamic theories and methods
  • Helps beekeepers to be more in tune with their bees by indicating, for example, the best days on which to inspect colonies or gather honey
  • Offers detailed advice and instruction for beekeepers on how to work more holistically, including how to use biodynamic ashing techniques to combat varroa mites
  • Written by biodynamic expert Matthias Thun, who has kept bees for over 50 years

A unique book offering detailed advice on how to care for bees in a more sustainable way by using biodynamic theories and methods. Written by an experienced beekeeper and biodynamic expert.

Nine Lectures on Bees ( given in 1923 at the Goetheanum) by Rudolf Steiner Manuscript version


These lectures were given by Rudolf Steiner to the workmen employed on the building of the Goetheanum. For some years Rudolf Steiner had almost every week devoted an hour to the spiritual welfare of those who laboured, whether as masons, smiths, plasterers or joiners, etc., in the erection of the building he had planned. They were an expression of the gratitude of his so kindly-human, social nature to those who co-operated with him in the completion of this remarkable building.

All who are interested in bees will find in them not only rich and suggestive content but also a deep understanding of the Spiritual in Nature.