Board of Studies

The Board of Studies (BoS) exists to ensure that professionally accredited schemes and other regularly conducted training in Biodynamics is delivered in a manner approved by the Biodynamic Association (BDA) in the UK. Upon approval by the BoS, any given scheme receives entitlement to use the logo, namely Endorsed by the BDA. This does not require regular renewal but can be withdrawn at any time.

The following categories of taught provision may be assigned to the BoS for evaluation prior to endorsement. Programmes of education and practical training leading to accredited further education awards as recognised by the various NVQ levels. Postgraduate research degrees and diplomas Distance learning courses. Short vocational courses which are run regularly each year.

The BoS seeks to understand for any course or training, the following:

• Course vision and intended training outcomes • Qualifications or experience required for course entry • Structure and progression of course content, including representation of BD topics • General qualifications and experience of staff / faculty • Level of background insight of course leaders deriving from biodynamics and anthroposophy. Is biodynamics being taught out of spiritual awareness or knowledge of practical technique? What is the world view of the course leaders? See specific criteria list • Delivery method is appropriate for practical and theoretical components of the course • Support available to learners – practical, resources, counselling (academic and pastoral) • Commitment to consistent standards of assessment

For enquiries, please contact the BDA office Tel 01453 759501 email


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