AGM and Day conference 8th October at Wool Barn and Field Centre

Certification Administrator
2nd August 2022
Dairy Manager
5th August 2022

Our AGM day is at the Wool Barn and Field Centre, Nailsworth, GL6 0QE

AGM – Day – 8th October – Timings
9.30 – Welcome and arrival – coffee and registration for 10.0 start
10.00 AGM official business – In-Person / Hybrid-online event
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Day Conference – In Person event – Welcome and “What is Biodynamics all about” – presentations and Q&A and discussion

Lunch provided by Ruskin Mill Coffee shop at the Wool Barn

2.00 Workshops on aspects of the theme facilitated by BDA Trustees and staff.
3.15 Plenum
4.15 Farm walk at Gables Farm and gardens – ending about 5.15

This day will be one for inspiration, listening and sharing; participation is key:

by listening and sharing we can co-inspire each other on questions of biodynamics and speaking to the world about it. Now is the time for biodynamics to share its treasures and tips for the world of farming and gardening, for healthy soil and climate mitigation.

Please book your place via the BDA website events page (or ring the office) as In-Person places will be limited due to space and catering – there should be plenty, but we need to know you are coming!

Day Conference 2022 – 8th October – How can we increase interest in Biodynamic activity in the UK?

We would like to use this year’s Biodynamic Conference Day to ask you for your help. We would like to hear your opinion about our future communications and would value your input to improve it.

Biodynamic principles are clearly finding resonance in the UK. Many farmers and growers are adopting more biodynamic methods into daily practice and championing the need for increased biodiversity in soil and on the farm; journalists are reporting about “mindful” approaches to eating and increased community-based activities delivering food for local populations; top chefs and home-cooks relish the taste and health of Biodynamic produce.

However Biodynamic principles are not as widely understood or practiced as we believe they could be. We have asked ourselves why? There seem to be many reasons, including social media and new technologies which have changed the way many people obtain information and communicate. Also, we may not have been as precise as required.

The Biodynamic Association team has prepared some core statements by asking ourselves;

Why is Biodynamics relevant today? How does Biodynamics work? What are the results of Biodynamics activity?

The answers to these questions will be the basis for future outreach work. We will present this work to date at the Conference and would welcome your expertise, opinions and comments to help ensure we are speaking for and with the backing of you, our members.
The conference will start at 11.30am (following the AGM). Aonghus Gordon will speak about Biodynamics and different aspects of practice that not only help the soil, but people and society too. Following this we will introduce the core statements above and break out into small workshop groups to enable discussion. Come and join us, be inspired by others, share your views, let us know how you see biodynamics in the world and helping the world.

The results of the these workshop groups will be presented back to the whole Conference. We will finish the day with the chance to visit the Farm & Gardens at Gables Farm and learn more about the work of the Ruskin Mill Trust.

We look forward to the discussions with you our members, gardeners, farmers and growers, on 8th October.

Remember to book via our website or via the office.