Jessica Standing

19th August 2019

Roundtable Discussion Groups

30th September 2019

Page Dyksra

Page Dyksra has a background in international development, she completed the BD apprenticeship at Stroud Community Agriculture and she now works for the BDA as a […]
30th September 2019

Peter Brinch

Peter Brinch – Biodynamic practitioner with expertise / specialism in seeds and seed production and chair of the Seed Cooperative.
6th September 2019

Jens-Otto Anderson

Worked on biodynamic farms in Denmark and Norway during 1978-86. Educated as agronomist, and later as PhD in 2001. Worked in the Danish Demeter organisation as […]
6th September 2019

Gabriel Kaye & Nina de Winter

Gabriel Kaye has worked with and supported biodynamics all her life, born on a biodynamic farm and a keen biodynamic gardener, she worked for BDA Certification […]
6th September 2019

Ralf Roessner

Ralf is a passionate bee keeper who as a biodynamic gardener also grows and processes the light root. Organic and Demeter certified light root products are […]
6th September 2019

Hans Gunther Kern

Hans Gunther Kern –  Internationally experienced  biodynamic gardener, teacher and consultant / passionately coaching others to optimise their health and wellbeing through gardening, exercising and nutrition.
6th September 2019

Robin Snowdon, Marina O’Connell & Peter van Vliet

Robin Snowdon: Viticulturist, natural winemaker and partner in Limeburn Hill Demeter-certified vineyard near Bristol, previously a lecturer in landscape architecture and permaculture at Gloucestershire university. He […]