Jessica Standing

2nd November 2016

Crème de la Crème beauty

The bright orange Demeter logo is the international brand logo used worldwide for certified biodynamic products – including food, wine and beauty products. Its standards are […]
31st October 2016

On trend: appreciation of why cosmic forces / the natural rhythm of the planets produces quality wines

It was a hot, late summer evening in Tuscan wine country — and, unexpectedly, I was getting a lesson in astrology. Inside a grid of cool, […]
28th October 2016

Biodynamic Wines: A thirst for knowledge

With sales in organic and biodynamic wine rocketing, wine expert Monty Waldin reveals that people are eager to know how their favorite vintages are produced – […]
25th October 2016

Patrick Holden, Patron of Biodynamic Association speaks at regenerative agriculture conference” Every Family Needs A Farmer: 3LM 4th November, Cumbria

Join with farmers, consumers, and professionals from around-the-world to collaborate for the provision of quality meat, dairy, wool and leather. As a member of the global […]
5th October 2016

Composting the biodynamic way – learn the techniques and tips to create your own “black gold” with biodynamic gardener Julie Moore

Building fertile soil to grow healthy productive plants must be the ultimate goal of any gardener. Biodynamic gardeners use special techniques to do this. Explore how […]
31st August 2016

Easy & quick ratatouille: Eat Right

This recipe is reproduced with kind permission from “Eat Right, Traditional food wisdom to sustain us today” by Nick Barnard – co founder of Rude Health […]
31st August 2016

In the garden at Tablehurst Farm, the lunar cycle dictates sowing, planting and harvesting times. Sarah Raven couldn’t fault the results

The Sussex farm that gardens by the light of the moon Tablehurst Farm and garden are on the edge of Forest Row in East Sussex, a […]
31st August 2016

Meadow gardening – how gorgeous is that ? Get all the benefits and top tips from head gardener, Beatrice Krehl on this uber natural way to garden

You can learn about all the techniques of meadow gardening with Beatrice at our Biodynamic Gardening Conference 17 – 18th Sept Book your place now! What […]