Jessica Standing

3rd November 2019

Sustainability NOW: Sowing Seeds for the Future

Open-pollinated seeds are a gardener’s delight and the key to long term sustainability. Lynda Brown explains why. It may be dark, wet and cold, but seed […]
26th July 2019

Gardening for the Planet: Growing Green

In biodynamics, the soil is our most valuable asset. Everything possible is done to nurture and protect it to ensure it is in the best health […]
11th May 2020

Sustainability NOW: Climate Change Gardening

Kim Stoddart, co-author of The Climate Change Garden Book, and who uses the Maria Thun Planting Calendar, shares her insights What is Climate Change Gardening? It’s […]
26th July 2019

Sustainability NOW: Plastic in the garden – how to use less and gain more

For the sake of our planet, our oceans, and much more, no one can be immune to the urgent need for us all to reduce plastic […]
17th July 2020

Biodynamic Gardening Club Webinars

Our informal online zoom evening webinars offer something for everyone to tune into, learn more about, and connect with.  Webinars start at 7.30 pm. Biodynamic Gardening […]
6th September 2020

Sustainability NOW: Earthly Paradise

5 years ago, Kai Lange, who co-ordinates the Biodynamic Agricultural College’s work-based learning Level 3 Diploma and his artist cum gardener partner, Lucy Voelcker,  bought a house […]
11th May 2020

My Patch – Paul Rushton’s Natural Nirvana

Our star instagramer, reflects on his experience with biodynamics and how his garden enriches his and his family’s life and well-being. “I began to learn about […]
6th March 2020

Lucy’s Biodynamic Patch

Head gardener, and our new biodynamic gardening adviser, Lucy Birnie, shares her journey. Lucy Birnie has loved being outdoors, getting muddy and being amongst nature since […]