Paul Rainger

5th April 2021

Join our BDA team: Communications & Business Support Officer

We are hiring a full-time Communications and Business Support Officer, to reflect the rising interest in biodynamics and regenerative farming. The ideal candidate will be a […]
5th April 2021

Join our BDA team: General Manager

We are hiring a part-time General Manager (3 days) for the Biodynamic Association, to assist the Chief Executive in the day to day running of the […]
15th March 2021

Defra’s Sustainable Farming Incentive now open for Farmers to apply for pilots

The UK Government’s Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot launched today, 15th March 2021. The Sustainable Farming Incentive is the first in a package of environmental land management […]
2nd March 2021

Sam Neill’s Biodynamic Wine, “soil health is extremely important to us.”

Sam Neill is another globasl superstar producing biodynamic wine, like Cameron Diaz and Sting. When not making Hollywood blockbusters, Neill is at home in New Zealand […]
23rd February 2021

English Organic Forum sets out Nine Point Plan for Farming & Food

The English Organic Forum (EOF), of which The Biodynamic Association is a member, has set out a nine point plan for the future of Organic Farming […]
23rd February 2021

Revolutionary Research Reveals Science behind Biodynamic Horn Manure

Italian researchers have finaly published the results from a long awaited study into the microbial interactions that occur in the biodynamic horn manure preparation. Skeptics have […]
23rd February 2021

New Genetic Engineering Techniques: no solution for a sustainable future

With the UK Government currently trying to rush through a consultation on plans to deregulate GM food and labelling, the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI) has […]
4th February 2021

Red Cross promotes Biodynamic Farming to aid displaced people

The International Committee of the Red Cross is promoting Biodynamic Farming in the Philippines as one aid solution that can help support people displaced by armed […]