Paul Rainger

10th April 2019

UK Consumers Want More Organic Everything!

The organic sector is booming in the UK, with consumers now spending almost £45 million a week on organic products, up +5.3% in the last year, […]
10th April 2019

Over the Moon: Contemporary Biodynamics & Beyond

As someone who cares about the environment, I’m thankful for biodynamic farming. And as someone who cares about wine, I’m pretty happy with it, too. So, […]
13th March 2019

Hear about the importance of involving young children in growing food in this month’s episode of Farmera Radio

In this month’s episode of the always excellent Farmera Radio, you can hear about, what Biodynamic Growers know, is the power of growing and gardening to […]
27th August 2019

Conference 2019: Ralf Roessner

Biography: A passionate bee keeper who as a biodynamic gardener also grows and processes the light root. Organic and Demeter certified light root products are developed […]
27th August 2019

Conference 2019: Aonghus Gordon

Biography: Aonghus Gordon (BA, PGCE, MEd) is Founder and Executive Chair of Ruskin Mill Trust. In 1983, Aonghus founded Ruskin Mill Centre for Cultural Development, and pioneered […]
16th August 2019

Conference 2019: Jens-Otto Andersen

Biography: Worked on biodynamic farms in Denmark and Norway during 1978-86. Educated as agronomist, and later as PhD in 2001. Worked in the Danish Demeter organisation […]
2nd November 2020

BDA Annual Accounts 2020

10th October 2019

BDA Annual Accounts 2019