Paul Rainger

12th November 2019

Living Biodynamic Farms study project launched

A new study project “Living Farms: Potential of Biodynamic Places to Grow beyond Global Change” has been launched in Switzerland. Researchers will visit 15-20 biodynamic farms […]
12th November 2019

Demand for biodynamic eggs is booming

The growing demand in the UK for biodynamic eggs was featured in Poultry Word magazine recently with a nice article looking at the Orchard Eggs story. […]
12th November 2019

The Female Chef of the Year is biodynamic (of course!)

Skye Gyngell has been named the 2019 ‘Female Chef of the Year’. Her Somerset House restaurant ‘Spring’ relies on produce from Jane Scotter’s biodynamic farm in […]
12th November 2019

The world’s finest red wine is biodynamic (of course!)

The ‘International Wine Challenge’ is the most respected wine competition in the world. In this year’s competition the red wine, Château l’Hospitalet 2017, produced by biodynamic […]
21st October 2019

Biodynamic Farms can now have Pasture for Life audits done at the same time

Farms currently audited by the Biodynamic Association (BDA) are now able to have Pasture for Life audits done at the same time by the same inspector. […]
24th September 2019

Regenerative Biodynamic Agriculture in 2019 can be seen as a revolution

Regenerative agriculture in 2019 could be seen as a revolution, a way forward packed with practices that have the potential to reverse climate change by rebuilding […]
17th September 2019

Voices from the biodynamic field championing health

Marina and Mark O’Connell from The Apricot Centre, at the Biodynamic Land Trust’s Huxhams Cross Farm, featured in recent research by the Centre for Food Policy, […]
17th September 2019

Food, Farming and the Climate Crisis

The evidence is clear. We have to change how we farm, produce food and feed ourselves. And earlier this year, our colleagues at The Landworkers’ Alliance […]