Gardening for Health and Happiness

to all our members of the new biodynamic gardening club. The aim of the club is to help you on your personal journey of discovery.

Our mission
Is simple. We want to enable as many people as possible to experience for themselves what the biodynamic approach to gardening offers, the joy it can bring to you and your garden, as well as helping you to grow delicious food brimming with health & vitality. 

Our vision
Is to build an online community of gardening enthusiasts so we can all learn from and support each other.

Who is the club for?
The club is for everyone who is curious about the biodynamic approach to gardening, who would like to learn more, deepen their relationship with Nature and their garden, protect our precious wildlife, enjoy more wellbeing, and create mini havens of vitality and biodiversity – above and below ground.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a tiny urban patch, an allotment, belong to a community garden, or just fancy growing your own salad leaves, we welcome everyone.

What the club offers you

  • Being part of a growing, supportive, and interactive community – making a world of difference together.
  • Members Facebook Group where you can share experience, tips, and advice. This is your online hub to communicate with us, and other club members and where to find all the latest news.
  • Interactive webinars with experts in their field – click here for the new webinar programme for 2021
  • Regular email updates, featuring tips and much more
  • An online Resource library featuring recordings of Webinars, articles, video’s, useful links and more
  • Events for BDGC members ( and friends) click here for events for 2021
  • Regular offers on biodynamic, gardening, and related products.

What’s the essence of biodynamic gardening?
Biodynamics all about tuning into Nature’s rhythms, encouraging a ‘mindful’ holistic approach to your garden, and taking time out to look, listen, and learn from your garden, and discover what works best for your garden.

It’s about creating personal and environmental health, vitality and wellbeing, living in symbiotic harmony with your garden and nature, and brings rich, long lasting rewards for you and the planet.

What about the bigger picture?
Biodynamics is proud to be part of the wider organic, permaculture, and environmental community: we all share a passion for nature and wanting to do our bit to care for the planet and that we leave it in good shape for our children and future generations.

Today’s gardeners have a hugely important role in helping to achieve this – the good news is we are all part of this new exciting revolution in gardening, and why embracing sustainability in all its forms, making sure we cover topical issues that members care about, and linking in with like-minded organisations is very important to us. Please let us know what matters to you and which organisations you feel would benefit members to know about.

Getting started
1. Join our Facebook group

2. Garden courses are a fun way to learn and meet up with other gardeners
You can find current courses here

3. Our online shop sells a comprehensive range of biodynamic gardening books, the planting calendar, and preparations.

4. Buy your biodynamic /organic seeds here.

5. Check out our member’s online resource library

Anything else?
We’re here to help. Let us know!

Our partners
We are very proud and fortunate to have Weleda UK, Waltham Place , Greencuisine Trust , and The Wholistic Living University as our partners. Our warmest thanks for all their support.

Photo credits
Our thanks to Lee Parish for his inspiring photos.

Our experts

Lynda Brown Former Director of the Biodynamic Association, life long organic gardener and author of BBC Vegetables for Small Gardens, and Cook’s Garden

Hans Gunther Kern Internationally experienced biodynamic expert, teacher and life long hands on biodynamic gardener. He is also a wellness consultant working with natural health solutions, and bio-dynamic food adviser for the diet and environment App, AlliAp

Claire Hattersley Weleda’s garden development manager/educator and former head biodynamic gardener

Daphne Lambert Founding member of Greencuisine Trust, author of Living Food, a Feast for Soil and Soul, renowned eco- nutritionist and chef, and life long organic kitchen gardener.

Andre Tranquilini Trustee of the Biodynamic Association, an expert in open pollinated seeds, and estate manager of Waltham Place biodynamic farm and garden.





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