Biodynamic Association AGM Event - Saturday 6th October, Lincolnshire - All Welcome | Biodynamic Association

Biodynamic Association AGM Event – Saturday 6th October, Lincolnshire – All Welcome

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We are very pleased this year to be heading over to Lincolnshire for an exciting and dynamic  AGM event, including talks, farm walks and a tour of the Seed Co-operative too.

Programme for the Day – Saturday 6th October 2018

9.30: Arrival and refreshments
10.00: AGM business meeting and election of new trustees
10.45: Comfort break
11.00: Talk – Celebrating the 90th
Anniversary of the Biodynamic
Association in the UK, its History and vision for the future.
11.30: Introduction to the work of Aura Soma
12.30: Lunch
1.45: Drive to Shire Farm for Farm walk and tour
3. 15: Depart for a visit to Seed Co-operative
4.00: Talk and tour of Seed Co-operative
Conclusion and depart

Members and nonmembers are all warmly invited and welcome to attend the whole or just part of the day.
Booking Essential  – To book your place please contact Jessica at the BDA Office   Tel 01453 759501 Email:
Booking deadline 21st Sept 2018
Cost: Small cost for lunch and donations on the day.

Our AGM is being kindly hosted by Aura Soma and we will be holding the morning session including our AGM business meeting at Dev Aura; a beautifully restored country rectory and also the residential training centre for the ‘Aura-Soma Academy’.
“Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura‑Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality. Created using the highest quality organic and biodynamic ingredients our products bring ease, balance and calm to your energetic system”

During the morning session participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Aura Soma and their remarkable work. “We have created a range of products that inspire all our fellow human beings on their path to happiness and vitality. We are dedicated to creating conscious change on the planet”

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After lunch, we will take a short drive over to Aura Soma’s Demeter certified Shire Farm for a farm walk.
Set in the heart of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, Shire Farm is one of UK’s largest biodynamic farms. Rich in biodiversity and tended by dedicated farmers who cherish the land, it is a true natural haven. The ingredients for the multi-award winning biodynamic skincare brand AEOS, Pegasus Parfum and Aura-Soma are grown here.

“The story of Shire Farm, is one of great passion for working in harmony with nature and the beautiful unfolding of a vision. Instinctively driven to cultivate the most holistic farming methods known to man, Mike Booth, the successor of Aura-Soma Founder Vicky Wall, first actualised his dream with 50 acres of land in 1995. Determined to grow the purest, most potent botanical ingredients, Mike looked beyond organic and adopted biodynamic farming methods as the next natural step in the evolution of farming…and Shire Farm was born.”

Along with being a thriving biodynamic farm growing bountiful crops full of life-force, Shire Farm is also a place nestled in an area rich in mythology and history, a haven where people can come to strengthen their connection to the earth and find renewed wellbeing as a result.

From Soil To Soul:
“Visitors can walk the chakra path at Shire Farm and discover a life-affirming, transformational experience. Our land has been mapped into areas that mirror the human chakra energy system. Each one a point on our chakra path, these areas are marked with standing stones which feature symbols and glyphs created by the German sculptress Kerstin Schipper to enhance their natural vibration and to provide a focal point for quiet contemplation.
Indigenous trees and saplings planted along the way as part of our tree sponsorship program not only enrich the land but establish a deeper level of wellbeing and awareness.”

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After the farm walk, we will drive to the Seed Co-operative for an exclusive tour of this inspiring biodynamic initiative – the UK’s only community-owned Seed Company.

The Seed Co-operative came into being as an initiative of the Biodynamic Association, supported by Garden Organic and the Organic Research Centre, working with Open Pollinated Seeds and experienced seedsman Hans Steenbergen from Stormy Hall Seeds.

Located halfway between Spalding and Boston in south Lincolnshire, The Seed Cooperative site at Gosberton is situated in the middle of an area that is dotted with seed companies. The Grade 1 soil is ideally suited to vegetable growing and the climate is relatively dry making it easier to harvest seed crops in the autumn than in other parts of the country.

On a total site of 24 acres, they are fortunate to have 2½ acres of glasshouses with a rainwater fed reservoir for irrigation. With buildings for seed processing, machinery maintenance and storage, and a sizeable house for staff accommodation and offices. Not only does the site provide facilities for their own seed production and sales, plant breeding and knowledge sharing activities, it also allows them to create a hub for processing seed produced by a network of small organic or biodynamic growers around the UK.

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