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25th April 2019
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22nd January 2020

This is your living and growing library to support you on your biodynamic gardening journey.
A one-stop shop where you can find all the information and advice you may need easily. Found somethings that really helped you? Let us know and we can add it here so everyone can benefit.


NEW! Understanding the biodynamic planting calendar – tips and know for Dec 2020 with Claire Hattersley
Introduction to biodynamic gardening – box set of 5 video shorts – A great way to get started
Biodynamic Gardening – the tools and techniques to nurture your garden – 90 min video

Your biodynamic gardening journey

Practical biodynamic know-how in bite sized bits


Forthcoming webinars: 18th Feb – Planting calendar and moon Rhythm Masterclass and Q&A with Claire Hattersley

Listen again – recordings of past webinarsHead over to our YouTube Channel and you will find them – Why not subscribe to our channel and receive notifications of new videos when they go live?

Seasonal living nutrition tips & recipes

Eat well, feel well with these great recipes by Daphne Lambert at theGreencuise Trust

Masterclass’s with Claire Hattersley – videos
Understanding the biodynamic planting calendar

Biodynamic Gardening Club Seasonal E-MAg BD VINE
No 1 – Spring into Summer 2019
No 2 – Mellow Yellow 2019
No 3 – Seasons Greetings 2019
No 4 Sprint into Spring 2020
No 5 – Its our first Birthday -Lets Celebrate Summer 2020
No – 6 Autumn Delights 2020

Articles ( Pdf)
Back yard biodynamics
Biodynamic seeds and seed saving for home gardeners
Feed your Soil – The biochar revolution
Making biodynamic compost
Moon gardening and biodynamic basics

Kiss the ground – what is biodynamics?
How to dynamise biodynamic preparations
Huws Nursery
Charles Dowding – No Dig

Online Articles:

Over the Moon: Contemporary Biodynamics & Beyond

Websites: Newly added at top of the list
Biodynamic Gardening BD Assoc USA

Misfit Gardening – My Biodynamic Experiment
Farmara Radio – award-winning podcasts sharing the voices of smaller-scale food producers from the UK and beyond
Earth Friendly Gardener
Garden Organic
Natural Beekeeping Trust
Permaculture Association
Sustainable Food Trust
The Green Cuisine Trust
Wisdom Hub TV