Your seasonal & practical biodynamic gardening know-how library

Living Food:Going Wild for Garlic
26th February 2020
Your seasonal & practical biodynamic gardening know-how library
16th February 2024
Living Food:Going Wild for Garlic
26th February 2020
Your seasonal & practical biodynamic gardening know-how library
16th February 2024

The latest topics are at the top of the list for your convenience
We appreciate all the info and wisdom from Hans Gunther, our biodynamic gardening expert, who writes them

Vegetables and the 4 elements – the warmth element (PDF)
Visioning and Planning Your Garden A new garden or reviewing your existing one (PDF)
Reflecting on the previous year in your garden – Looking back to move forwards  (PDF)

HAPPY NEW YEAR  2024:  100th Anniversary of the birth of Biodynamics

  • Winter Solstice and the 12 Holy Nights in the Inner Garden (PDF) +  Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn (PDF)
  • Transplanting deciduous, climbers, shrubs, bushes and trees (PDF)
  • Is biochar an option to use in your biodynamic garden? (PDF)
  • How to enhance the soil biome (PDF)
  • Mulching vs digging or forking the soil in autumn (PDF)
  • The boon of Autumn – falling leaves and twigs (PDF)
    Protect your plants from the first autumn frosts (PDF)
    Tips to plant your garlic bulbs in your biodynamic garden (PDF)
  • Michaelmas -a time to Start Over and the Importance of Silica (PDF)
  • Cover Crops and Green Manures (PDF)
  • How to Deal with Weeds Biodynamically (PDF)
  • What Weeds tell about your soils  (PDF)
  • Balancing natural flora biodynamically in field and garden  (PDF)
  • A Biodynamic Lifestyle for Garden and Soul (PDF)  
  • Summer Pruning or Lorrette Pruning of Pip Fruit Trees (PDF)
  • More help on healing fungal and bacterial growth and attacks (PDF)
  • Blight in Potatoes and Tomatoes and how to prevent and treat biodynamically (PDF) 
  • Suggestions for Sowing and Planting in August (PDF)
  • The Making and Benefits of Biodynamic Compost Preparations:  Part 3 of 3 (PDF)
  • Benefits of Biodynamic Compost Preparations and Mäusdorfer Starter: Part 2 of 3 (PDF) 
  • Benefits of Biodynamic Compost Preparations – Part 1 of 3 (PDF)  
    Homeopathic First Aid Guide for Ailments in Plants from Adverse Weather Conditions  (PDF)
  • Sowing autumn and winter crops with biodynamic seed baths (PDF)
  • Moon Rhythms explained with tips for the garden (PDF) 
  • Practical suggestions for sowing and planting at Midsummer (tips for before and after) (PDF)
  • How do you and your garden cope with this severe weather? More tips to help (PDF) 
  • How to deal with extremely dry weather biodynamically(PDF)
  • The change in the light spectrum and circadian rhythms: cycles and activities of our Sun (PDF)
  • Working with homoeopathy in your garden – this week’s tips (PDF)
    Eat Well on a Tight Budget – Daphne Lambert from The Green Cuisine Trust (PDF)
  • Preventing and curing attacks of insects using biodynamic methods (PDF)
  • How to prevent aphid attacks and how to treat affected plants – specialist tips (PDF)
  • Crop Rotation and Plant Diversity – creating diverse garden habitats (PDF)
  • Tips and benefits of biodynamic composting (PDF)
  • Late Spring: working with tender and half-hardy annuals (PDF)
  • Easter Time and The Planting Calendar (PDF) 
  • Biodynamic Insights about Weeds (PDF)
  • Frost Protection and Potatoes(PDF)
  • Did you know? Today is Spring Equinox (PDF)
  • Soil and potting mixes for containers and seed boxes – tips (PDF)
  • Deepen your relationship with plants – extend your growing season (PDF)
  • Growing Biodynamic Potatoes (PDF)
  • Getting ready for spring (PDF)
  • Tips for your ornamental and vegetable garden early to mid-Feb (PDF)
  • Some suggestions for early bird work in the garden (PDF)
  • Snow and hoarfrost due, a gift to plant growth (PDF)
  • Let’s grow biodynamic garden ecologies (PDF)
  • Grow your super crops of leeks, celery and celeriac – sowing in January/ February (PDF)