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Biodynamic Gardener

Therapeutic Garden Co-ordinator (Male*) *Exempt under the Equality Act 2010 Schedule 9, Part 1 Lothlorian Therapeutic Community
7th September 2018
Job Opportunity With Cae Tan CSA – Growing Sustainable Schools
21st January 2019

Biodynamic gardener sought to support the managing of a unique country estate in Berkshire. The ideal candidate will have experience in vegetable production, ornamental gardening, good organisational and self-motivational skills and be able to work on their own initiative and as part of a team. A Level 3 Diploma in Biodynamic Farming and Gardening or equivalent qualification would be ideal along with relevant biodynamic experience. Some basic carpentry skills would be desirable but not a requirement.
We welcome applications from individuals, couples and families.

Applicants will need to view the gardens with a different eye, to be accepting of the less formal, less tidy look.
We are looking for an experienced gardener of place, who seeks to work with the nature of the place, adapting and evolving to its ecology rather than producing a decorated garden. We feel that natural gardening is all about a relationship with the garden and its evolution, using knowledge of plant systems and families.
The Estate team are staunch believers in all aspects of organic husbandry and in the holistic management of the gardens. We seek to combine forces with nature rather than fighting against it, and to explore the boundaries between garden and nature. In doing so, we have created a haven to an abundance of insect and animal life, fungi and indigenous flora.

As well as standard garden tasks – weeding, hedge cutting, planting, pruning, propagation – any prospective candidate will need to embrace the current garden planting strategy and seek ways of developing it further. Walks with the public are required and as such a strong understanding of biodynamic gardening and its application to the estate are essential.
The main features of the ornamental gardens are a series of walled gardens, the oldest dating from the 17th century, an English landscape garden with splendid specimen trees planted in the early 19th century, and a huge double border enclosed by yew hedges. Within this framework many intimate areas invite the visitor to pause and contemplate, for here new gardening concepts are afoot.

Vegetables, herbs, and soft fruit of special quality are grown in our kitchen gardens. Our gardeners seek to work with nature to limit damage from pests and plant disease, rather than to control nature using artificial inputs. Crop rotation, companion planting, mulching and composting combine to reach this goal.
Spacious centrally heated period houses with up to 3 bedrooms are available. Properties are private and will be renovated before occupation.

Please apply with a CV and covering letter as to why this is a job you are interested in and how you would suit the role. Please email:
Salary negotiable. Commensurate with experience and qualifications.