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Biodynamic Gardening Club Manager

Demeter and Organic Marketing Manager and supply chain co-ordination
18th March 2019

The Biodynamic Association is seeking a passionate biodynamic/organic gardener and communicator with social media skills to manage our new online club.

We are seeking an enthusiastic self-motivator, who is a capable communicator, administrator-manager to carry this new activity, someone who knows about gardening and social media, is interested in biodynamics/organics and enjoys engaging with people.

The Biodynamic Gardening Club is the Biodynamic Association’s inspirational new venture. An online gardening club for everyone curious about biodynamic approach and practices, who wants to learn more, deepen their relationship with Nature, and create havens of vitality and biodiversity – above and below ground.

Our vision is to build a mutually supportive and inter-active UK-wide online gardening community. Our mission is to introduce, encourage and enable as many people as possible to engage with a biodynamic ‘mindful‘ approach to growing in restorative and regenerative ways that help combat climate change and lead to long-lasting positive health.

Together with our supporting partners, Weleda and Waltham Place Estate, our aim is to empower people to nurture truly planet-friendly plots, make a lasting difference for the Earth, and grow great food!  Biodynamic gardening is about gardening for health – for the planet and for people.

Applications close on 30th May – send a CV and letter of interest to –


  • Title: Biodynamic Garden Club & Facebook Group Manager
  • Responsible to: BDA Executive Director – monthly attendance at Stroud office required
  • Position: 12 months renewable
  • Remuneration: Expected to be variable hours up to 7.5 hours a week at FTE £26,000/£13.35ph

Objectives of the position

  • Facebook group manager is the key connector for the Club, posting core content and responding at least twice a week, links content to own and others’ biodynamic practice, season, weather etc with topical and technical aspects.
  • Lead all the social media communications for the membership, responsible for the seasonal E news letter
  • Carry day to day leadership, management and administration for the Club
  • Nurture members connection to the club, create community and feeling of empowerment
  • Work with the BDA team to develop the Club’s scope, content, membership and potential


Manage and administer the processes of the developing Gardening Club:

  • Manage the Club’s social media; including website and facebook pages, webinars and videos
  • Monitor budgets and financial plans and keep updated
  • Identify opportunities for the Gardening Club’s promotion and events
  • Participate in developing material & activities; organise and carry out efficiently

Skills and experience

  • Understanding and practice of organic and biodynamic food and gardening
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills written, verbal, visual etc
  • IT skills, including wordpress, facebook and webinars
  • Admin and management skills