Biodynamic Gardening Training at Emerson College starting April 2021

UPDATED: 2nd International Conference on Biodynamic Research, 30th Aug to 2nd Sept, moved online
7th October 2020
Introduction to Biodynamics (4 week online course) next course run starting on 7th June 2021
10th March 2020

This full-time, 6-month Biodynamic Gardening training at Emerson College is an in-depth, experiential introduction to Biodynamic vegetable production. 

Perfect if you are looking to deepen your practical skills in growing, and would like to build confidence in biodynamic food growing – whether it be in your back garden, or making steps towards larger scale production.

See full course details, cost and booking information here.

Please note, this training is suitable for complete beginners as well as those who may be seeking a refresher course, but students are required to have taken the Biodynamic Agricultural College‘s 4-week online course ‘Introduction to Biodynamics‘ before starting.