Biodynamic Planting Calendar: optimal dates September-December 2020

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6th September 2020
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7th October 2020

The planting calendar indications are always optimal or ‘best chance’ for nutritional and keeping quality, pest and disease resistance, and tolerance of extreme weather. If this is not possible, for fruit and leaf vegetables, you can always harvest on root days. As we often mention, however, the weather and your own circumstances may dictate otherwise, so don’t worry if it’s not possible to carry out the planting calendar dates to the letter.


Sow your green manures in any empty garden beds and under fruit trees towards the end of September. Make sure that your ground is well moistened by seasonal rains.
Under Cover: sow end of September all salads (includes spinach, chard, mustards, kale etc. which you can grow on and eat as greens), spring onion.
All these crops are best sown in leaf days; 28th September.

Best harvesting times in September:
Root Vegetables: 27th & 28th Sept
Leaf Vegetables: 22nd-24th Sept
Fruiting Vegetables: 25th & 26th Sept
Herbs and Flowers: 20th, 30th & 31st Sept


A major harvesting month, but beware of early ground frosts: in the South East of UK, on average, this happens around the 25th October. For inland areas, higher ground, or further north, this could be 2 weeks earlier; whereas near the coast in the West Country you might not even have a ground frost.

Make sure you lift your potatoes, pick your beans, collect all the beetroots, radishes, turnips, carrots, parsnips, celeriac, cut your tender lettuces, fennel, Chinese cabbages, and pick any outdoor tomatoes, courgettes, marrows, pumpkin, and squash in exposed areas before the ground frost damages them. Alternatively, extend their safe survival possibly another two to three weeks by protecting them with fleece.

October is the recommended time for planting garlic.
The Japanese onion, Senshyu, can be planted from onion sets early September to mid-October, or in mild winters as late as December. Best times for planting sets are 15th & 16th October.
Sow your green manures in any empty garden beds and under fruit trees until the middle of the month.
Indoors: Sow sweet peas in 3“pots in medium rich potting mix for an excellent show of flowers in late Spring. Best times are 9th; 26th & 27th October.

Tip: Spray plenty of biodynamic horsetail preparation (508) every month from now on to help combat fungal diseases etc.

Best harvesting times in October:
Root Vegetables: 5th -7th; 15th ; 23rd & 24th Oct
Leaf Vegetables:1st & 2nd; 11th & 12th; 20th; 29th Oct
Fruiting Vegetables: 4th & 5th; 13th & 14th; 21st & 22nd Oct
Herbs and Flowers: 9th & 10th; 13th; 26th & 27th Oct
If you harvest for storage, only harvest during the descending Moon from 9th -21st October.


Depending where you live and weather conditions, it is worth sowing broad beans to overwinter as small plants, such as Aquadulce, Claudia and Monica. Best times :1st; 19th; 27th & 28th November.
Likewise you can risk another planting of garlic, and Japanese onion sets, if the temperatures are still mild enough. Best times:11th -13th November.

Best harvesting times in November:
Root Vegetables: 1st -4th;11th -13th ; 20th -21st ; 29th Nov
Leaf Vegetables: 7th – 8th; 16th -17th; 24th – 26th Nov
For crops you want to store for long keeping, harvest during the descending Moon from 5th -18th November.


This is usually the quietest month in the garden; time to contemplate, enjoy and observe nature at rest, and order Three Kings Preparation (a special biodynamic preparation, consisting of gold powder, frankincense and myrrh resins) from the BDA online shop ready to apply it on 6th Jan 2021. Stirring the Three Kings Preparation in a small group is a really nice social activity and after the one hour stirring everyone can take some home for their garden. It is like giving your garden a lovely thank you present and was created to offer a harmonizing effect on all the life in your garden. Why not give it a go and let us know how you found it and if you observed any differences.

Look over all your crops, especially leaf crops and regularly remove any dead/dying leaves , including those that collect on the ground – this will help remainder of the crop to stay in better condition, and makes your crops look and feel more loved.

Best Harvesting times in December:
Root Vegetables: 8th-10th; 17th & 18th; 26th & 27th December.
Leaf Vegetables: these do not store well, so planting calendar times are less useful. Better to pick regularly and eat immediately!