Soil Health Beyond Carbon Sequestration - The Dynamics of Compost, Soil and Pfeiffer’s Chromatography Workshop with Bruno Follodor 9th - 11th March 2018 Glos. | Biodynamic Association

Soil Health Beyond Carbon Sequestration – The Dynamics of Compost, Soil and Pfeiffer’s Chromatography Workshop with Bruno Follodor 9th – 11th March 2018 Glos.

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BD MEMBER RATE Ehrenfried Pfeiffer's Chromatography: Portraying Soils and Compost through Colour, Form and Pattern With Bruno Follador Fri 18th March (7pm - 9.30pm) & Sun 20th March (4pm) Glos

There is not just one type of compost for everything. Nor is all the organic material or waste that arrives at the compost site yet to be considered compost. The challenges lie in being able to create the conditions to transform organic matter into humus, and to develop the sense for how this transformation is unfolding. Knowing when and what to do so that the end result is quality compost is a science, an art, and a sensitivity that requires cultivation!

The goal of this workshop with Bruno Follodor is to empower farmers and gardeners to develop and cultivate dynamic ways of seeing and understanding that can be concretely applied to the unique nature of the soils and distinct qualities that are the foundation for the health of every farm organism.

During the workshop we’ll explore;

How we can properly judge and evaluate the biological quality of a compost beyond quantitative chemical analyses
How to perceive and recognize the different phases of the composting process
How to orchestrate all the different organic substances into a living whole, creating life conditions where the desirable micro-organisms can unfold
How to generate the proper type and amount of compost to be applied with optimal results for each individual farm
How to manage and organize a compost site
How to mix, build and turn piles or windrows

How and when to apply the biodynamic preparations
How to observe different compost piles using sensory observations and through the lens of Pfeiffer’s Chromatography

Ultimately we’ll explore how enhancing the vitality of the soil is not just a matter of learning a set of particular methods, just as the vitality of the soil is not only a matter of its chemical composition. We need not just a shift in practices, but also a shift in human consciousness out of which more life-sustaining ways of interacting with nature in agriculture can develop. This demands new qualitative ways of understanding that recognize and focus on dynamic processes. Soil health is bound up with the dynamics of the whole farm organism, which includes the inner perspectives of the farmers.

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The workshop starts with a lecture on Friday evening followed by a two day workshop.

Enquiries: Please contact Ed Berger 07977174772
Venue: The Field Centre, Tiltups End, Bath Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0QE
When: Start: 9th March, 2018 at 7:30pm
Cost £120

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