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28th November 2017

Turkey Talk – What makes a turkey happy? Being biodynamic of course!

Animal welfare, ensuring everything possible is done to lead a stress free life, and respecting animals as sentient beings is a core principle of biodynamic farming. […]
27th June 2017

Stars in your Garden – Tuning into Nature’s Rhythms

“ You don’t need to be an astronomer to garden by the moon,  – biodynamic gardening calendars are available to guide you.  They suggest the best […]
27th June 2017

Stars in Their Eyes: Biodynamic Recipes for Vibrant Living

“A holistic and harmonious lifestyle is at the heart of One Gun Ranch, our home in the Malibu Hills, and we believe we are part of […]
21st February 2017

Demeter sauerkraut – Nature’s way to boost your health

Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) has a long and noble history, valued for its health benefits and a staple of Central Eastern Europe and Asia for centuries (German […]
21st February 2017

Is vitality merely feeling great and full of life ?

Patrick Holden, our patron, and founder and Director of the Sustainable Food Trust, shares his views on the true meaning of vitality What does biodynamic ‘vitality’ […]
21st February 2017

The power within: how science can reveal the vitality of biodynamic food

Science measures health only by the number of nutrients present in a foodstuff. But that is not the whole story. In biodynamics, health is much more […]
10th November 2016

Biodynamic beauty is all about working with nature and harnessing natural forces in the best ways it can. Read why Susie Fairgrieve, Director of Communications at Weleda, is such a fan.

1. Weleda is one of the most successful natural skin care brands on the market. How important is Biodynamics to you? Over the decades Weleda has […]
10th November 2016

Skin glow smoothie

Skin glow smoothie (Serves 2) Autumn & winter squashes are stored sunshine. Their delicious and naturally creamy flesh contains whopping amounts of Vitamin A, as well […]