10th October 2018

Biodynamics for the Future – Wisdom Hub TV meet Weleda UK and discover a wealth of growing and business wisdom visited the Weleda gardens, to meet the Head Gardener, Claire Hattersley and the Managing Director, Jayn Sterland, to learn about biodynamic principles for plant and […]
13th March 2018

Feed your Soil – The biochar revolution

Executive Chairman of Carbon Gold, Craig Sams explains why biochar is so beneficial for soil health and looks at the positive effects it has had on […]
31st January 2018

Look what’s trending? Gardenista on all things biodynamic

The ideas that Austrian philosopher and edible gardener Rudolf Steiner proposed nearly a century ago to nourish soil—he recommended burying stag bladders full of flowers, animal […]
3rd May 2016

Biodynamic seed growing in home gardens and allotments by Peter Brinch

3rd May 2016

Making Biodynamic Compost Tom Petherick

3rd May 2016

Back yard Biodynamics Rachael O Kelly

3rd May 2016

Seeds for Life – The Seed Co-op