Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges we as a species face today and unless we drastically change the way we live, eat and manage our precious resources, the future is looking bleak.

One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, which affect Climate Change, is industrial farming. 13% of the emissions come from farming alone, not accounting for the impact the rest of the supply chains have on taking produce from field to our forks. Conversely it is also one of the sectors most affected by Climate Change. Rising temperatures, water scarcity and soil degradation to name a few.

Thus far, most efforts have been focused on addressing the outcomes of climate change rather than the cause. For example, focusing on how to capture methane gas, rather than producing less of it and creating even more efficiency in production, rather than increasing the quality over the quantity.

We have to change the way we farm if we are going to have any impact on the trajectory of Climate Change and this is where Biodynamics has a huge contribution to make. Below is a brief overview of the problems created by industrial farming and how Biodynamic farming could counter this.

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