Conference 2019: Ralf Roessner

Conference 2019: Aonghus Gordon
27th August 2019
Science and Spirituality – How a Californian winery makes better wine with biodynamics
24th October 2017


A passionate bee keeper who as a biodynamic gardener also grows and processes the light root. Organic and Demeter certified light root products are developed and marketed through his business IMTON GmbH. He has also been undertaking research into water as the carrier of life, for over 20 years.

As the father of two boys, now young men, he also tries to keep up with the times and as a former Waldorf school teacher, has a great interest for art and the history of art in all new educational approaches.

All of this touches on quite fundamental questions of his meditative and experimental research into the ‘subtle substantialities’ of a nutritional approach worthy of the future.

Publications: “Die Lichtwurzel”,  “Mysterien – Märchen”,  “Luana – ein Einweihungsmärchen”, “Betrachtungen zum Landwirtschaftlichen Kurs”,  “Der Bien”   Verlag Rosenblüt und Temple Lodge Publishing Ltd.

English copies of Ralf’s books are available now in our webshop – The Genius of Bees and the Elemental Beings and The Light Root.

Keynote Talk:  Bees and elemental beings as healers guiding the future of man and nature

What can we learn from the social life of bees?  Can the living image of a future community inspired by the bee colony, teach us something today?

The nature of bees and their mission in relation to the earth’s vitality, make bees one of the most important agents of evolution and spiritual development. For bees to fulfil their future spiritual task for mankind and nature however, they need human beings to accompany and help them. Without the human being’s ever more conscious awareness of the spirit, they cannot fulfil their mission.

Ralf is also leading Sunday’s Themed Session:

Bees & Nature: Learning from bees, nature and nature spirits.

Please note, that both these sessions with Ralf will be translated by Bernard Jarman.