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Experienced Farmer needed

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4th September 2019
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14th October 2019

Shire Farm in Lincolnshire is looking for an experienced and passionate arable and mixed livestock farmer for their Demeter Certified Biodynamic Farm. Shire Farm is a biodynamic grass based mixed farm, covering over 500 acres amongst rolling hills, Shire Farm is a delight to the senses. At the height of the season you can feast your eyes on the vivid reds and yellows of poppies, calendula and sunflowers and inhale the heady aroma of clary sage, lavender and roses while bees and other pollinating insects busily buzz all around. Black Zwartbles sheep and Dexter cattle roam freely on green pastures while our golden fields of spelt are a picture of countryside idyll.

One of the UK’s largest biodynamic farms, we lovingly tend the land as nature intended and in addition to developing our own unique product range we grow ingredients for the multi-award winning biodynamic skincare brand AEOS, Pegasus Parfum and Aura-Soma.

Accommodation is available. We welcome applications by couples, individuals or persons who feel they will be able to work together. Applicants would need knowledge in the overall management of biodynamic farm, experience and skills in the day to day work involved and the ability to work as part of a team. In case you do not have prior knowledge or insight into bio-dynamic principles, a will to learn about and engage with these principles will be essential.

If you are interested in applying, please email malcolm@aura-soma.net and include your CV and contact details.