More and more of the world’s best winemakers are converting to biodynamic methods in their vineyards.

So much so, that currently there are over 600 Demeter certified biodynamic vineyards. These include over 250 in France and Italy, 75 in Germany, over 40 in Switzerland, 49 in New Zealand, and even as far as Brazil, which boasts 2 biodynamic vineyards. The UK currently has 7 vineyards including the aware winning Sedlescombe, East Sussex, Ancre Hills in Monouthshire & Albury, in Surrey.

The reason is that winemakers interested in producing top quality wines, all share the same mission and ultimate challenge: to create wines that express what the French call terroir - a unique sense of place or ‘somewhereness’.

It is only when a wine expresses its terroir - the heart and soul - of its land and captures that magical and elusive sense of place that it becomes truly individual and truly great. One other essential ingredient is required: that of the deep connection between the winemaker and his/her grapes, a connection which goes far beyond its methods of production. As winemakers are discovering, biodynamic methods achieve all this and more.

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