Food, Farming and the Climate Crisis

The sound of music at Lanson Champagne’s biodynamic vineyard
2nd July 2019
Voices from the biodynamic field championing health
17th September 2019

The evidence is clear. We have to change how we farm, produce food and feed ourselves. And earlier this year, our colleagues at The Landworkers’ Alliance produced this report explaining how we can feed people and cool the planet.

The report explains how we can reduce the 30% contribution to Green House Gas (GHG) emissions from our current food system, by supporting a transition to “less and better” production and consumption of animal products, transitioning away from factory farming, and supporting more fruit and vegetable producers to supply the fresh fruit and vegetables essential to low carbon diets.

Across the UK today thousands of small-scale farmers and foresters are successfully demonstrating that a range of tools – from alternative production models to innovative climate-friendly farming techniques and local supply chains are capable of not only reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint – but also of mitigating the impact of historic emissions.

This report lays-out a progressive policy framework that could support both established land workers and a new generation to immediately reduce the impact of UK agriculture on our climate.

Read the full report here.