Head Grower (Full Time ) for Biodynamic Market Garden

Stroud Community Agriculture Farm Worker (fixed term)
9th August 2021
Biodynamic Association Certification is looking for processing inspectors to join our team.
24th August 2021

Haymans Farm is a beautiful 150-acre farm situated in West Sussex on the edge of the South Downs National Park. It is a family farm where for many years the land has been used for sheep grazing and haymaking.

Plans to evolve the farm into a demonstration biodynamic farm producing a wide range of food are now underway, with a focus on sharing the magic of the place and creating community around food. Guided by regenerative practices, the aim is to preserve and build the health of the soil allowing it to produce vital food and sequester carbon.  A barn conversion will enable small groups to use food from the farm to engage in kitchen and cooking experiences allowing for a better understanding of food and its relationship to health and wellbeing. Our aim is to create a strong team to build and integrate the component parts of the farm, working together to maximise the potential of the land.

Exciting opportunity to start and develop a garden!
We are looking for a Head Grower to take up the challenge of starting the market garden that will produce food for the kitchen workshops and a local farmers market.  Applicants are invited to share their ideas for developing a 3-acre site using methods consistent with regenerative practices. No dig and intensive beds are envisaged with two or three polytunnels and fruit growing. Proposals should give consideration not only to the farm project and how it would be developed but also to individual wishes and responsibilities. An understanding or openness to biodynamics is essential.

The grower would ideally have a training qualification and at least two years of practical experience in a chemical-free, organic or biodynamic enterprise and a commitment to regenerative practices.  You will need to be hardworking, practical, flexible and with a commitment to high standards. Ideally, you should have an aptitude for leading and driving excellence within a diverse team as well as an ability to work independently. Above all you should have a sense of humour, a love of the land and a passion to work with Nature.

A demonstrated commitment to regenerative and biodynamic management of land and soil.
Experience with ground preparation, propagation from seed, cuttings and divisions, harvesting, pest and disease management, storing and packing.
A full drivers licence, access to own vehicle and an ability to drive with competence vehicles such as tractors including trailers and other attachments.
An ability to work with volunteers instructing them where necessary.
Confidence in making decisions and resourcefulness in solving problems.
An interest and preparedness to work as part of the farm team to create an innovative and inclusive project.

Cultivating and establishing a growing garden on site.
Yearly planning of crop rotations.
Maintaining records of crop activities and observations.
Compliance with Demeter Certification requirements.
Planning and placing orders for materials and supplies.
Placing and putting up polytunnels (non-essential).
Establishing a composting system.
Setting up and maintenance of an irrigation system.
Growing and harvesting produce to the quality standard needed for the kitchen and markets.
Liaising with other members of the farm team.

PAY:  A competitive salary
START DATE  September/October 2021
LOCATION:  Haymans Farm, Shillinglee Road, Plaistow, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 0PQ

APPLICATION INFORMATION   For further information please contact Flora Stubbs on 07775 997763
Or email: flora@haymansfarm.co.uk with your CV together with reasons why you would be the right person to take up the challenge.


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