Biodynamic Gardening Club

Our new online Biodynamic Association Garden Club (BDGC) is a vibrant, mutually supportive gardening club for everyone curious about the biodynamic approach and practices, how to get closer to nature, enjoy more wellbeing, protect wildlife, and who might like to learn more about and how to create their own havens of vitality and biodiversity - above and below ground.

What the club offers

• Members-only Facebook page - the hub of the club - where members can share experience, tips, advice; get connected and be part of our growing community.

• Expert advice from hands on biodynamic gardeners

• Dedicated members website area, and online resource library

• Garden Matters weekly email full of practical biodynamic gardening know-how and much more

• Interactive webinars with experts in their field

• Member events

Membership : £15 for 12 months

Our mission

Our mission is to introduce, encourage and enable as many people as possible to engage with a biodynamic ‘mindful‘ approach to growing in restorative and regenerative ways that help combat climate change and lead to long-lasting positive health and wellbeing

Together with our partners, Weleda , Waltham Place Estate, Greencuisine Trust and The Wholistic Living University, our aim is to empower people to nurture truly planet-friendly plots, make a lasting difference for the Earth, and grow great food!

Whether you have a small or big garden or plot, we welcome everyone – you won’t find a more friendly club.


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