World Biodynamic Day 19 /20th May 2018 | Biodynamic Association

World Biodynamic Day 19 /20th May 2018

Holistic Food Growing for the 21st Century, 7th June 7.30pm, London
2nd February 2018
Introduction to Gardening the Biodynamic Way, 20th May, 2-5pm, London
25th April 2018

Celebrating almost 100 years of Biodynamic Agriculture on Whitsun Weekend, every year!  You are warmly invited to join in and take part.

The World Biodynamic Day invites people from around the world to be for a few hours part of the biodynamic magic.
Learning about biodynamics, celebrating and last but not least, spray the biodynamic preparations together as a community, at the same local time  –  world wide.

You may be a farmer or gardener, fans of biodynamics produce, or someone who wants  to learn more about biodynamics.

Last year over 300 people registered on facebook from all over the world. Everyone had their own way of World Biodynamic Day celebration. There were sleepovers, BBQ‘s, Eurythmy performances, story telling at a local Waldorf School, lectures or farm walks and not to forget, stirring and spraying of the biodynamic preparations.

New this year:
We have our very own hashtag (#worldbiodynamicday) that everyone can use, when posting photos or videos from the worldday. Just add #worldbiodynamicday to your facebook, instagram, twitter and Co posts – so we all can see what others have done or will be doing on the worldday.

Take part:
Everyone can take part, there is no farm required or garden, you can start an event at your school or church – anywhere where you feel called to. If you think of holding an public event on the Worldday, you can register your farm, garden, school, church or place on the worldmap on this page

Sharing is good:
This year there is a small trailer with pictures from the first World Biodynamic Day (see
Thank you for sharing far and wide. . There will be soon some leaflets in different languages that can be shared (If you could assist translating, please get in contact).

Look forward to connecting, somewhere on planet earth! #worldbiodynamicday

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For any questions, please use or facebook page.