Introduction to Biodynamic Farming and Growing with Marina O'Connell -21st /22nd March, & 18th/19th April, 2020 Devon | Biodynamic Association

Introduction to Biodynamic Farming and Growing with Marina O’Connell -21st /22nd March, & 18th/19th April, 2020 Devon

An Introduction to Gardening the Biodynamic Way Sun 15th March 2 pm – 5 pm London
4th December 2019
Step by Step Introduction to Biodynamic Gardening Workshops: Feb – July 2020 at 5 venues across the UK
20th December 2018

Venue: Apricot Centre & Huxhams Cross Farm, Rattery Lane, Week, Dartington TQ9 6AA
Cost for both weekends: £250 inc VAT including refreshments

Biodynamic Farming was the first form of ecological farming system, arising in 1924. It has also proven to be one of the most sustainable forms of farming with the highest levels of soil biodiversity found on farms.

This course is designed for the gardener, grower or farmer who wants to find out more about the principles and practices of biodynamic systems in a simple and practical way. You will cover the context of biodynamic systems and the Demeter regulations; how to carry out the practices of biodynamic systems, the use of the preparations and the calendar on both a practical and theoretical way. You will look in-depth at how preparations are made by working with local biodynamic practitioners who will give an insight into the preparations and their uses. The course will be held on a registered biodynamic farm and will enable you to carry out some basic biodynamic systems on your own land.

Please note that this course takes place over two weekends
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