Kings Langley Biodynamic Group : Series of workshops on biodynamics throughout 2018 | Biodynamic Association

Kings Langley Biodynamic Group : Series of workshops on biodynamics throughout 2018

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The Kings Langley Biodynamic Group is offering  6  individual workshops  in  2018  so covering different themes.
You can join the ones which are of interest to you. Each day will consist of talks and practical activities which are directly relevant to allotments, gardens and farms.
All Welcome

Dates and Venue to be decided The activity relating to animals will be based at Lauriston Farm. We will combine transport.

Workshop themes:
Part 2
Horn Manure and Horn Silica Preparations.
Seasonal & daily rhythms, the cow and the honey bee.
Introduction to horn manure and horn silica.
Stirring and spraying horn manure

Part 3 The Compost Preparations.
Basic principles of composting, esoteric chemistry.
The biodynamic compost preparations.
Making a biodynamic compost pile

Part 4 Seed development and open pollination.
Esoteric plant growth.
Make potting mix, sow seeds.
The work of the Seed Co-Operative

Part 5 Lunar and planetary rhythms, four elements.
Reading the planting calendar (pt.1), seed swap game & celestial garden
Reading the planting calendar (pt.2),
Planning the gardening year – crop rotations

Part 6 Horn Silica Spray.
Biodynamic principles of animal care.
Animal health and medicines.
Sheep handling.

Part 7 The insect world
The honey bee.
The crisis of the honey bee.
The Sun Hive and the opportunity for humanity.
Course review and celebration

Cost of workshop: member of the Kings Langley Biodynamic Group – £15 Non members – £20, Pupils come free. Spencer is happy for younger children to be present. Please bring a chequemade out to Kings Langley Biodynamic Group,cash or make a transfer to a/c 65572243; sort code 08-92-99 and include your name.

No one is excluded due to financial constraints so please contact Odilia if you need a reduction

FFI &  Booking: Please book your place by email:, phone: 07952 961839 or drop a note into 5 Chipperfield Road, Kings Langley, WD4 9JB.