Martina Gebhardt – Demeter Skincare

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4th May 2016
4th May 2016

Kindness to the earth is a very important part of Martina Gebhardt’s products and philosophy, from the biodynamic Demeter certification and the use of no preservatives, to the sterilized white glass bottles that can be recycled easily or simply used over and over (these bottles also prevent sun-damage to the products inside, and glass is the only material that doesn’t leech into the product inside!). The amount of cardboard and plastic packaging is kept to an absolute minimum, and many of the products are suitable for vegans. Indeed, the only ingredients that aren’t suitable for vegans are from Demeter certified sources, so you can be absolutely sure that there is no animal exploitation anywhere in the production of our products.

The remarkable recipes that Martina has developed over the years from traditional salves are also a testament to eco-friendliness. Thanks to the enriching and preserving nature of the natural ingredients used, the products have extraordinarily long shelf-lives with no synthetic preservatives at all. The trademark amazing smells of these products are also a result of expertly blended herbs and other ingredients – there is rarely any perfume used in Martina Gebhardt’s products.

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