The Potential Consequences of Human Microwave Radiation on Wildlife

Biodynamic (Demeter) & Organic Certification Services: Coronavirus Update
27th March 2020
Climate Change, Deforestation, and enhancing Soil Fertility
15th April 2020

There is currently a lot of hysteria in the media about coronavirus and mobile phone masts. So it is timely that the April 2020 issue of our member’s magazine, Star & Furrow, includes an article by biologist, Yvan Roux, looking at exactly what research and evidence there is right now on the effects of blanket microwave radiation on wildlife.

Although we have covered the Earth in a siders web of communications radiations, amazingly there have been no large scale scientific studies into the effects on nature. But with mounting observational evidence of impacts on bees, insects, birds and even cows, it would seem wise to adopt the precautionary principle.

Read the full Star & Furrow article on 5G and wildlife here.

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