NEW! Grow your Own Health 2020: Modular ONLINE Biodynamic Introductory Course

Seasonal Tips: June, July, August
12th May 2020
Full-time Horticulture Farmworkers required
5th June 2020

Join us at the Wholistic Living University for this modular course comprised of 22 online sessions to learn how to create and cultivate your own wholesome biodynamic Vegetable Garden.

You will learn through an integrated approach using principles of biodynamic gardening, permaculture, traditional gardening and modern research in regenerative agriculture. This course is perfect for those with their own garden or allotment or if you care for or work with a communal garden / small market garden.

Bonus for participants: You will get free weekly weather & garden updates via WhatsApp and via our private Facebook group – Wholistic Living University

Days and times of the course:
Every Tuesday at 8pm via ZOOM: Key subjects of the course are taught incl PowerPoint presentation and handouts
Every Wednesday at 8pm: Q & A session to explore and answer seasonal and course-related questions.

FULL INFO ON Modules and Sessions covered please click here (PDF)

Your learning experience will be directed towards employing all your senses through observation exercises, practising different gardening techniques, through group discussion and conversation, covering practical, social/political, cultural and environmental issues. You will be encouraged to use your own experiences in gardening, research and observations to enrich your learning experience.

At the end of the one year experience, you will be empowered to grow vegetables for yourself and your family, run a garden in a community context and share your experience with others. You will also receive a Certification of attendance.

The sessions below can be taken independently form each other.
The cost for one session is £ 8.99
The cost for 4 trial sessions with a 33% discount is £ 23.96.
If the online course fee is paid upfront for the remaining sessions, each session costs only
£ 3.99 with a 55% discount applied.

FFI and to Book contact
Hans-Gunther Kern E:
+44 (0)7852917497 Wholisticlivinguniversity HGKern @HGwizzer

Course Carrier Hans-Gunther Kern is an international lecturer, course leader, consultant and project manager in the bio-dynamic approach to agricultural development. He has been instrumental in setting up multiple bio-dynamic working groups and Community Supported Agriculture Projects.

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Wholistic Living University : This Q & A session is FREE OF CHARGE for anyone signing in Wednesday 8 pm.

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