15th March 2021

Defra’s Sustainable Farming Incentive now open for Farmers to apply for pilots

The UK Government’s Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot launched today, 15th March 2021. The Sustainable Farming Incentive is the first in a package of environmental land management […]
23rd February 2021

English Organic Forum sets out Nine Point Plan for Farming & Food

The English Organic Forum (EOF), of which The Biodynamic Association is a member, has set out a nine point plan for the future of Organic Farming […]
23rd February 2021

Revolutionary Research Reveals Science behind Biodynamic Horn Manure

Italian researchers have finaly published the results from a long awaited study into the microbial interactions that occur in the biodynamic horn manure preparation. Skeptics have […]
23rd February 2021

New Genetic Engineering Techniques: no solution for a sustainable future

With the UK Government currently trying to rush through a consultation on plans to deregulate GM food and labelling, the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI) has […]
18th February 2021

Calling all BD trainers! Do you teach Biodynamics? Do you run your own courses?

The BDA is conducting a survey to find out what is on offer in the UK. It will help direct enquiries to the correct places and […]
4th February 2021

Red Cross promotes Biodynamic Farming to aid displaced people

The International Committee of the Red Cross is promoting Biodynamic Farming in the Philippines as one aid solution that can help support people displaced by armed […]
14th January 2021

UPDATED: How to respond to the UK Gene-Editing Consultation before 17th March

UPDATE: Our friends at both GM Freeze and Beyond GM have produced simple guides on how best to respond to the Government consultation. Use their information […]
18th August 2020

UPDATED: Yes she has! Will Cameron Diaz make a biodynamic wine?

UPDATE: No sooner had we asked the question (see below), than yes, just in time for Christmas, Hollywood star Cameron Diaz added a biodynamic fizz to […]
23rd December 2020

The Rise of Biodynamic Beekeeping in Israel

In Israel, a movement of bee-lovers has developed in recent years, promoting beekeeping in a natural way in a biodynamic approach, which is a holistic, ecologically […]
23rd December 2020

More than organic. Pioneering Biodynamic wine in Portugal

When Jacobus Honekamp, the owner of Quinta Rosa farm in Portugal, heard that biodynamic agriculture results in better tasting wine, he accepted the challenge and, since […]
16th December 2020

Call for Contributions – 2021 International Biodynamic Research Conference at the Royal Agricultural University

The Call is now open for Conference Contributions (including papers and posters) for next year’s International Conference on Biodynamic Research. The call is open until 28th […]
23rd October 2020

New Breed GMO’s – Threat or Promise?

New breed GMO’s – known as gene-editing – are back on the menu and set to change life as we know it.  Are they a threat […]
27th October 2020

Biodynamic Farming and our Responsibility towards Animals

Industrialised intensive livestock farming has gone off the rails. It does not respect humans or animals. It has a shocking environmental balance sheet, polluting air, water […]
27th October 2020

Biodynamic Farming and the solutions it offers to Climate Change

Biodynamic farming is almost 100 years old. It was the first form of sustainable farming system to arise in response to the industrialisation of agriculture. It […]
19th October 2020

New global Biodynamic Advisor web-portal

Following the launch of a Peer Review Quality System for global biodynamic advisors at the start of this year, more than 25 advisors have already joined, […]
19th October 2020

Biodynamic Wine taking root in Korea

A French farmer and winemaker, Dominique Herque, and his Korean wife, Shin Yi-hyun, are using biodynamic farming methods to make pure, natural biodynamic wines in Korea. […]
29th September 2020

The Return of Frankenstein Food?

A new generation of genetic engineering techniques – called GMO 2.0 – are starting to be used to change our food system, but with still unknown […]
5th August 2020

Italian winery breaks new ground with biodynamic status

The Rivetto winery, in the Piedmont region of Italy, is the latest Italian wine producer to achieve biodynamic status with Demeter, one of the largest certification […]
29th July 2020

First ever ‘Biodynamic Preparations Good Practice Manual’ launched

Demeter International have just launched the first ever best practice manual for using the biodynamic preparations. Written primarily for use at farm scale by farmers and […]
28th July 2020

The race is on for the world’s first Biodynamic Whisky!

The race is well and truely on! Who will get there first? We have talked before about our work with Waterford Distillery in Ireland, and Irish […]
22nd July 2020

The film producer and the musician making biodynamic wine

Great interview with film producer Trudie Styler, on planting vines in Wiltshire during lockdown, and running a successful biodynamic wine estate in Tuscany with her husband […]
14th July 2020

Australia’s top Winery is Biodynamic, of course!

Biodynamic winery Cullen Wines has been named Australia’s top winery of 2020, beating more than 400 listed wineries across the country. Both their winery and on-site […]
4th July 2020

Family behind Illy Coffee producing Biodynamic Wine!

The family behind one of Italy’s most renowned coffee producers, Illy Coffee, has moved into the wine business to create robust wines on a biodynamic vineyard. […]
4th July 2020

Finding the Spirit in Agriculture: Report from the 2020 Biodynamic Agriculture Conference

Before lockdown, the annual Biodynamic Agriculture Conference for 2002 took place in Switzerland in February. This year’s theme was “Finding the Spirit in Agriculture” and the […]
1st July 2020

World’s No.1 Restaurant goes Biodynamic

During the French lockdown, Mauro Colagreco chef of Mirazur, one of the world’s most highly regarded restaurants, took a step back and realized he didn’t like […]
30th June 2020

Biodynamic vineyard practices key to fighting climate change

Biodynamic vineyard practices are proving key to mitigating the impact of climate change according to a top Italian wine producer. “Today, the vineyard of a Barolo […]
11th June 2020

Promoting Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

As an organisation, the Biodynamic Association is committed to renewing the health and wholeness of our communities through biodynamic agriculture. Distressing recent events, highlighting yet again […]
10th June 2020

Latest biodynamic horn manure research on the growth of garden cress

Latest studies by German researchers at the Organic Plant Production Unit in the University of Kassel, have again found positive results in the use of the […]
22nd May 2020

Origins of biodynamic farming: six things you probably didn’t know!

If you enjoyed our ‘Ten things worth knowing about biodynamic farming‘ by Elisabeth Winkler a few years back, then you’ll probably share our fascination with this […]
22nd May 2020

Future trends report: What’s beyond organic? The future is looking Biodynamic!

Sustainably minded consumers are increasingly looking for assurances from farming and food production that go beyond organic, warns the latest in the long-running Hartman Group market […]
11th May 2020

Sustainability NOW: Climate Change Gardening

Kim Stoddart, co-author of The Climate Change Garden Book, and who uses the Maria Thun Planting Calendar, shares her insights What is Climate Change Gardening? It’s […]
26th November 2020

An Introduction to Biodynamic Gardening (box set of five short videos)

Our Biodynamic Gardening Club has produced an excellent box set of five short videos giving a compete introduction to getting started on mindful biodynamic gardening and […]
29th April 2020

Biodynamic Wine taking root in Mexico

Nice article in Cool Hunting magazine on biodynamic wine taking root in Mexico. With a “lamb rover” providing a glimpse into the biodynamic processes at play, […]
15th April 2020

Climate Change, Deforestation, and enhancing Soil Fertility

Climate Change and the Environmental Emergency feature once again in the current April 2020 issue of our member’s magazine, Star & Furrow, with Bernard Jarman arguing […]
15th April 2020

The Potential Consequences of Human Microwave Radiation on Wildlife

There is currently a lot of hysteria in the media about coronavirus and mobile phone masts. So it is timely that the April 2020 issue of […]
27th March 2020

Biodynamic (Demeter) & Organic Certification Services: Coronavirus Update

Here’s the latest news from our Biodynamic Assocation Certification Team on biodynamic (Demeter) and organic licensing services in response to the current Government COVID-19 restrictions. Farm […]
23rd March 2020

Biodynamic Wine goes Carbon Negative

Hot on the heals of recent research showing how biodynamic farms can be carbon negative, and how biodynamic vinyards can sequester the most carbon too, great […]
24th February 2020

UK Biodynamic Wines set to receive post-Brexit boost?

UK biodynamic wines look set to receive a post-Brexit boost according to a recent survey of wine-trade professionals in Britain. As well as growth for southern […]
17th February 2020

Biodynamic coffee back in the UK!

Great news for UK coffee lovers that mailorder coffee specialists Hasbean are once again able to supply biodynamic coffee in the UK from the Balmaadi Biodynamic […]
14th February 2020

Biodynamic wines taking off in China

Interesting article from the South China Morning Post about the growth in intertest in biodynamics in China, thanks to biodynamic wines gaining a cult following in […]
15th January 2020

Academic Case Studies of 4 UK Biodynamic Farms – interim presentation at ORFC

Interim findings from the Biodynamic Association’s case studies research project, in partnership with Coventry University and the Royal Agricultural University, were presented at the Oxford Real […]
6th January 2020

Biodynamics at Oxford Real Farming Conference 2020

The Biodynamic Association and our Certification Team will once again be at the Oxford Real Farming Conference this year on 8th & 9th January. If you […]
3rd January 2020

Set your diary for 2021: Biodynamic Whisky is coming!

2020 may have only just begun, but Irish whisky connoisseurs are marking 2021 in their diaries! Next year, with the help of our Biodynamic Association Certification […]
3rd January 2020

2020 Food Trends: Biodynamic Products!

The Specialty Food Association’s trendspotter panel has predicted that biodynamic food and drink will be one of six major trends this year, driven especially by Generation […]
3rd December 2019

Vogue Magazine: Major Champagne Houses Are Embracing Biodynamic

Biodynamic champagne is becoming haute couture, reported Vogue Magazine last month, as the major Champagne Houses are taking into account the need to farm sustainably in […]
14th November 2019

Report from the 1st Biodynamic Research Conference held in Switzerland, Sept 2018

In September last year some 180 researchers and farmers attended the first international conference on biodynamic research held in Switzerland. Nearly 100 papers and posters were […]
14th November 2019

Our submission to the UK’s National Food Strategy consultation

UK politicians might be in the middle of a General Election right now, but work on policy development for a new National Food Strategy rolls on. […]
12th November 2019

Shadow Farming Minister calls for organic and biodynamic agriculture to tackle climate crisis

Writing in Parliament’s magazine, The House, last month Shadow Farming Minister, David Drew MP, called for a UK Agriculture Bill that provides support and certainty to […]
12th November 2019

Living Biodynamic Farms study project launched

A new study project “Living Farms: Potential of Biodynamic Places to Grow beyond Global Change” has been launched in Switzerland. Researchers will visit 15-20 biodynamic farms […]
12th November 2019

Demand for biodynamic eggs is booming

The growing demand in the UK for biodynamic eggs was featured in Poultry Word magazine recently with a nice article looking at the Orchard Eggs story. […]
12th November 2019

The Female Chef of the Year is biodynamic (of course!)

Skye Gyngell has been named the 2019 ‘Female Chef of the Year’. Her Somerset House restaurant ‘Spring’ relies on produce from Jane Scotter’s biodynamic farm in […]
12th November 2019

The world’s finest red wine is biodynamic (of course!)

The ‘International Wine Challenge’ is the most respected wine competition in the world. In this year’s competition the red wine, Château l’Hospitalet 2017, produced by biodynamic […]
21st October 2019

Biodynamic Farms can now have Pasture for Life audits done at the same time

Farms currently audited by the Biodynamic Association (BDA) are now able to have Pasture for Life audits done at the same time by the same inspector. […]
24th September 2019

Regenerative Biodynamic Agriculture in 2019 can be seen as a revolution

Regenerative agriculture in 2019 could be seen as a revolution, a way forward packed with practices that have the potential to reverse climate change by rebuilding […]
17th September 2019

Voices from the biodynamic field championing health

Marina and Mark O’Connell from The Apricot Centre, at the Biodynamic Land Trust’s Huxhams Cross Farm, featured in recent research by the Centre for Food Policy, […]
17th September 2019

Food, Farming and the Climate Crisis

The evidence is clear. We have to change how we farm, produce food and feed ourselves. And earlier this year, our colleagues at The Landworkers’ Alliance […]
2nd July 2019

The sound of music at Lanson Champagne’s biodynamic vineyard

Lanson Champagne has a 17-hectare biodynamic-certified vineyard (originally House of Leclerc-Briant) where they use the biodynamic preperations, tisanes, algae sprays, and even play music in the […]
25th June 2019

Soil award for Sheffield biodynamic gardens

Congratulations to Peter van Vliet at Freeman Biodynamic Gardens in Sheffield who has been ‘highly commended’ in this years Soil Farmer of the Year competition.   […]
17th June 2019

Chanel No.5’s secret – Biodynamic Roses!

June’s issue of Harpers Bazaar reveals the Biodynamic Rose Farm in southern France behind Chanel’s iconic No.5 perfume. “We really have to pamper the roses and […]
21st May 2019

Landmark soil study proves climate benefits of biodynamics

Bonterra Organic Vineyards in the USA has completed a landmark soil study highlighting the benefits of Biodynamic farming for soil health. The research conducted by Pacific […]
21st May 2019

Space Station Research reveals Moon’s influence

The effect on plants of the gravitational pull of the moon, just like ocean tides, is starting to be revealed by research at Bristol University and […]
21st May 2019

And a Gold for Biodynamic Cheese

A community-owned biodynamic farm in Sussex, Old Plaw Hatch Farm, won awards for two of their cheeses at the Artisan Cheese Awards in May.  Plaw Hatch […]
21st May 2019

More Wins for Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamic winemakers at Laverstoke Park Farm have again been recognised with two podium finishes at the 2019 Independent English Wine Awards (IEWA). The farm, owned by […]
18th April 2019

The Biodynamic Association teams up with Eating Better

Eating Better is an alliance of over 50 organisations accelerating action for less and better meat and dairy for health, environment, animal welfare and social justice, […]
10th April 2019

UK Consumers Want More Organic Everything!

The organic sector is booming in the UK, with consumers now spending almost £45 million a week on organic products, up +5.3% in the last year, […]
10th April 2019

Over the Moon: Contemporary Biodynamics & Beyond

As someone who cares about the environment, I’m thankful for biodynamic farming. And as someone who cares about wine, I’m pretty happy with it, too. So, […]
13th March 2019

Hear about the importance of involving young children in growing food in this month’s episode of Farmera Radio

In this month’s episode of the always excellent Farmera Radio, you can hear about, what Biodynamic Growers know, is the power of growing and gardening to […]
12th March 2019

Our patron, Patrick Holden, talks to Borough Market about nutritional food quality, climate change, biodiversity catastrophe and the breakdown of civil society

Biodynamic Association Patron, Patrick Holden, talked to Borough Market this month about why the food we produce, like biodynamic food, needs to be of high nutritional […]
24th October 2018

10 things worth knowing about biodynamic farming

Licensed in over 60 countries worldwide, biodynamic farming is a method of organic farming and gardening with a specific holistic and spiritual approach to growing food […]
9th October 2018

Healthy plants, healthy people and sustainable business – the future is biodynamic! Wisdom Hub TV visits Weleda

WisdomHub.tv visited the Weleda gardens, to meet the Head Gardener, Claire Hattersley and the Managing Director, Jayn Sterland, to learn about biodynamic principles for plant and […]
20th August 2018

Agricology & Biodynamics: Information and resources.

Practical, sustainable farming, regardless of labels. Agricology is a growing community of farmers and researchers sharing knowledge to work towards more resource efficient, resilient and profitable […]
17th April 2018

How biodynamic vineyard management is proving to be a sell-out success for Albury Vineyard

When it comes to producing quality wines, Albury Organic Vineyard has picked up many gold awards along the way. Editor of Vineyard Magazine, Victoria Rose, finds […]
13th March 2018

A first: Waterford Distillery’s biodynamic whiskey

Waterford Distillery is the brainchild of Mark Reynier – the man behind the comeback of Islay’s Bruichladdich. In 2016,  it distilled Ireland’s first organic whisky, it’s […]
13th March 2018

Feed your Soil – The biochar revolution

Executive Chairman of Carbon Gold, Craig Sams explains why biochar is so beneficial for soil health and looks at the positive effects it has had on […]
31st January 2018

Look what’s trending? Gardenista on all things biodynamic

The ideas that Austrian philosopher and edible gardener Rudolf Steiner proposed nearly a century ago to nourish soil—he recommended burying stag bladders full of flowers, animal […]
9th January 2018

Biodynamic Wine in Wales – Farmerama Radio talk to David Morris about his vineyard

Biodynamic vines, Catalonian chickens & medicinal plants from Rarmerama Radio  – Sharing the voices of smaller scale farmers Farmerama radio session #29 talks to young Welsh […]
8th January 2018

What does Jancis Robinson say about biodynamic wine?

When John Saker’s interviewed Jancis Robinson at the Wellington Pinot Noir conference at the beginning of the 2017 and asked her what she thought about biodynamic […]
8th January 2018

A great way to start 2018: Future of farming – the biodynamic way. Principles and vision spelt out

With a triple bottom-line methodology, rooted in anthroposophy, biodynamic farming practices show great promise for the future of food consumption everywhere. Biodynamic agriculture has been observed […]
13th November 2017

First super-sized strawbale house on a biodynamic farm!

If you were a biodynamic farmer and wanted to build an eco house then using stawbales would suit very well. Watch Peter Brown and his volunteer […]
27th October 2017

Hot off the Press: My Green Pod Magazine gives you the lowdown on Biodynamics

What do Wholefoods USA, top chef Skye Gyngell, Compassion in World Farming’s Philip Lymbery, Michel Roux Jr, the Hemsley sisters and the world’s most influential wine […]
18th October 2017

The Effects of Biodynamic Farming on the Environment and Food Quality – Why Dr Mercola loves biodynamics!

Eating real, nonprocessed food is the key to sustaining good health, but even when it comes to whole food, its quality is largely determined by how […]
24th October 2017

Science and Spirituality – How a Californian winery makes better wine with biodynamics

Some SLO County wineries are adopting the holistic farming practice of  biodynamics, to improve their fields and wines. Mike Sinor of Sinor-LaVallee Wines explains how it […]
7th September 2017

La Dolce Vita! Palazzo Tronconi bespoke biodynamic wine & cooking holiday offer

Palazzo Tronconi has partnered wth the Biodynamic Association UK and is offering fabulous 5-day food and wine holidays. And the best news UK Biodynamic Members get […]
15th May 2017

Biodynamic to a tee: A world first – Kondaikanel Golf course gives 50, 000 lites of water to a thristy town!

You are certain to miss it if you are not looking for it – that little board, with flowing greens making for a breathtaking backdrop, which […]
15th May 2017

About as good it gets!

Biodynamic farming builds upon a foundation of organic farming methods—like the exclusion of artificial chemicals and fertilizers—with the addition of its own unique practices. Soil and […]
11th April 2017

How Soil Microbes and Intracellular Communication Affect Health

Your health is in large part determined by the health of the soil in which your food is grown. In this interview, Dr. Zach Bush delves […]
6th March 2017

The rise of biodynamic farming – why more Americans and American farmers believe biodynamics offers the future

Biodynamic food: “Customers want it, even if they don’t recognize the biodynamic certification on a box.” says Errol Schweizer – former lead merchandiser and negotiator at […]
21st February 2017

Relax with a cuppa and watch magic combo: Einaudi music + dreamy aerial video of biodynamic nursery in Black Isle Scotland

Watch the film here….. At Poyntzfield Herb Nursery we specialise in the cultivation of herb plants and seeds using organic and biodynamic principles. We offer for […]
4th January 2017

EU scientists confirm eating organic food brings a variety of benefits for human health – we agree !

A new report by the European Parliament’s independent Research Service highlights the many positive benefits of choosing organic produce. The study, entitled ‘Human health implications of […]
14th December 2016

“Power of the Poo”

Read this fascinating blog on why award winning Albury Vineyard believes biodynamic farming improves soil fertility, plant health and quality Everyone knows there’s nowt like old […]
13th December 2016

New Year Offer – Super charge your gardening in 2017

Buy a membership to the Biodynamic Association (£35) for you or your family or friends and as a bonus present, we are offering Monty Waldin’s definitive […]
31st October 2016

On trend: appreciation of why cosmic forces / the natural rhythm of the planets produces quality wines

It was a hot, late summer evening in Tuscan wine country — and, unexpectedly, I was getting a lesson in astrology. Inside a grid of cool, […]
28th October 2016

Biodynamic Wines: A thirst for knowledge

With sales in organic and biodynamic wine rocketing, wine expert Monty Waldin reveals that people are eager to know how their favorite vintages are produced – […]
25th October 2016

Patrick Holden, Patron of Biodynamic Association speaks at regenerative agriculture conference” Every Family Needs A Farmer: 3LM 4th November, Cumbria

Join with farmers, consumers, and professionals from around-the-world to collaborate for the provision of quality meat, dairy, wool and leather. As a member of the global […]
5th October 2016

Composting the biodynamic way – learn the techniques and tips to create your own “black gold” with biodynamic gardener Julie Moore

Building fertile soil to grow healthy productive plants must be the ultimate goal of any gardener. Biodynamic gardeners use special techniques to do this. Explore how […]
23rd September 2016

Ruskin Mill Land Trust’s Biodynamic Training

Ruskin Mill Land Trust’s Biodynamic Training Programme Growing the Land, Growing People Ruskin Mill Land Trust’s Biodynamic Training Programme is a practical training in Biodynamic Agriculture, […]
23rd September 2016

The biodynamic preparations – Case studies of worldwide practice

The scientific report “The biodynamic preparations in context: Individual approaches to preparation work. Case-studies of worldwide practice.” portrays 14 preparation makers from all over the world, […]
24th August 2016

Seeds for Life: Open – pollinated seeds are the key to sustainabilty. Want some practical seed saving advice? Read on ..

Saving your own seed is easy. If you save seed from all the plants which do well in your garden each year, your seed collection will […]
10th August 2016

Turbo-charged organics ! Ethical Hedonist journalist Alison Jane Reid, goes to Farmer’s market in London and praises Perry Court Farm’s “extra-ordinary” biodynamic produce

Best Stalls at the Oval Farmers Market. Look out for the biodynamic vegetable, herb and fruit stall – the quality of the produce on offer from […]
13th July 2016

New exclusive interview with Philip Lymbery, prominent animal welfare campaigner & CEO of Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) is the world’s leading and arguably the most influential animal welfare campaigning organisation. No one fights harder than CIWF for improved […]
20th June 2016

Renowned Italian winery, biodynamics & bees.. Awesome!

Don’t miss this great blog by Philip Lymbery, CEO, Compassion in World Farming www.ciwf.org.uk Photo credit Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni © Roberto Prosdocimo Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni has […]
14th June 2016

A double helping of biodynamic wine in the South West!

A double helping of biodynamic wine! Limeburnhill, the South West’s first biodynamic vineyard, created at Westfield Farm, Chew Magna in Somerset, and the new biodynamic/organic and […]
10th May 2016

The most beautiful vegetables in the country

Why top chef Skye Gyngell loves Fern Verrow’s biodynamic produce Skye Gyngell is one of London’s most acclaimed chefs. Her new restaurant, spring, celebrates the seasons […]
3rd May 2016

The First Lady of Biodynamic Tea

Born through an off-chance meeting in London, Hampstead Tea prides itself on being an ethical tea company which aims to offer ‘great taste with peace of […]