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Grow your own health: One year modular course in biodynamic gardening, E. Sussex

Biodynamic courses at Waltham Place Berks in 2019
6th September 2018
Biodynamic Open Gardens Event: June to September 2019
10th May 2019

The Holistic Living University warmly invites you to:
Grow your own Health – One-year biodynamic gardening course

MODULE 6 – 8th /9th June 2019

Who will benefit from this course?
Gardeners, consumers, green grocers, and health professionals.

What will you learn?
Grow nourishing and health supporting vegetables.
Use the bio-dynamic preparations to make vegetables more resilient.
Bring rhythm back into life by applying constellational work in your garden.
Make bio-dynamic preparations.
Recognise quality vegetables for your optimal nutrition.
When and how to harvest vegetables for best quality.

Fill your larder with optimal nutrition
Bring rhythm back into your life
Sharpen your senses and communication with natur

Sat 8 June 2019 –
The year cycle of the elemental forces and the significance of midsummer for plant growth.
Follow up: How to use the influences of the planets and constellations for optimal growth and nutritional value.
Observation with vegetables: How do we recognise quality in our food plants.

– How to use the biodynamic preparations to improve resilience, resistance to pest, disease and climate chaos.
– How to use the Maria Thun Bio-dynamic calendar.

Observation exercise: Identifying the four elements in plant growth.

  • Identifying nutrient deficiencies.
  • Alleviating deficiencies: Manuring, top-dressing, liquid manuring and subtle fertilization of vegetables
  • When is the best moment in the plants’ growth to apply the bio-dyn. preparation 501?

9 June 2019The bio-dynamic preparations:
Deepen the understanding of bio-dynamic preparations.
Winter and Summer forces.
How to eleborate the bio-dynamic compost preparations: Yarrow preparation (502), Stinging Nettle prep. (504), valerian prep. (507).

How to prevent diseases: directing growth processes in plants and soil with the compost preparations.

with bio-dynamic preparations Hornsilica (501) and the Horsetail decoction (508).

Time to reflect and catch up in the garden.

Planning, preparing and creating your Summer and Autumn garden to secure a full Winter larder.

Sowing and planting crops, which thrive with diminishing light.

How to use bio-dynamic preparations for sowing

Venue: The Providence, Poplar Lane, Forest Row

Join us for a fun-loving, profound journey with our community of like-minded spirits.
FFI and to book please contact: Hans-Günther 07852917497