25th April 2019

Biodynamic basics: tuning into Nature’s rhythms

“You don’t need to be an astronomer to garden by the moon, – biodynamic gardening calendars are available to guide you. They suggest the best times […]
6th September 2020

Cook’s Corner:autumn delights

Home dried beans and homegrown tomatoes and potatoes are all precious and delicious. Here’s how to harvest and store them. For more, see our webinars, posted […]
3rd November 2019

Sustainability NOW: Sowing Seeds for the Future

Open-pollinated seeds are a gardener’s delight and the key to long term sustainability. Lynda Brown explains why. It may be dark, wet and cold, but seed […]
26th July 2019

Gardening for the Planet: Growing Green

In biodynamics, the soil is our most valuable asset. Everything possible is done to nurture and protect it to ensure it is in the best health […]
27th October 2020

Biodynamic Farming and our Responsibility towards Animals

Industrialised intensive livestock farming has gone off the rails. It does not respect humans or animals. It has a shocking environmental balance sheet, polluting air, water […]
27th October 2020

Biodynamic Farming and the solutions it offers to Climate Change

Biodynamic farming is almost 100 years old. It was the first form of sustainable farming system to arise in response to the industrialisation of agriculture. It […]
19th October 2020

New global Biodynamic Advisor web-portal

Following the launch of a Peer Review Quality System for global biodynamic advisors at the start of this year, more than 25 advisors have already joined, […]
19th October 2020

Biodynamic Wine taking root in Korea

A French farmer and winemaker, Dominique Herque, and his Korean wife, Shin Yi-hyun, are using biodynamic farming methods to make pure, natural biodynamic wines in Korea. […]